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Zelda: Tears of the Realm

Arrows are extremely important to have on hand in Tears of the Kingdom . Without them, some monsters will be extremely difficult to defeat. Luckily, the “Fish for Fletching” side quest in Rito Village is a great way to farm arrows for those who might run out.

“Fish for Fletching” is a fetch quest, but all the resources are nearby if players know where to look. Like some side quests in Tears of the Kingdom, this one will only unlock if players have completed the Wind Temple. Until then, it might be best to hang on to any Glowcap mushrooms, Chillfin trout and glowing cave fish.


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Where is Villaggio Rito?

Players can find Rito Village near the coordinates -3596, 1801, 0209 On a first visit, the bridge leading to the village will be broken. Link can build his own bridge (with Ultrahand) by cutting down nearby trees, or he can glide (with paragliding) if he is high enough. Since “Fish for Fletching” won’t be ready until Link completes the main quest “Tulin of Rito Village,” it may be a while before newcomers can use this method to collect arrows.

Once players defeat Colgera and Tulin awakens as a Wind Sage, return to Rito Village and ascend to coordinates -3655, 1763, 0214 . There will be a pink/red female called Rito Bedoli standing next to a group of crates. He talks to her and listen to her to accept the “Fish for Fletching” side quest.

Fish for Fletching Solution

To complete “Fish for Fletching,” Bedoli will need three glowing cave fish . As their name indicates, these fish are not found in ordinary bodies of water. Instead, look inside caves or wells . They glow a bright white/purple, so they won’t be hard to find.

Players can check out the Stable Snowfield well (-1630, 2587, 0234) or they can go to the West Lake Totori Cave (-4005, 2031, 0191) . West Lake Totori Cave is where players will need to go for the “The White Bird’s Guidance” shrine quest:

From The Perch of Vah Medoh In Rito Village slide west towards what appears to be a white bird on the mountainside . The “bird” is actually just like snow fell on the mountainside, and “looks” directly at the entrance of West Totori Cave.

Enter and there will be a cave lake with Glowing Cave Fish AND Chillfin Trout . There are also Glowcap Mushrooms along the walls and a Bubbulfrog deeper in the cave. The West Totori Cave is closest to the Rito Village and also has all three items that Bedoli will need.

When fishing, players should use arrows. Do not fuse the Bomb Flowers to the arrows as this will turn the fish into Roasted Fish/Trout, which no longer counts as Glowing Cave Fish/Chillfin Trout. Either shoot them with normal arrows or dive into the waters and swim after them.

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Fish for the fletching reward

Give Bedoli the three glowing cave fish to get x10 arrows . Now that this side quest has been completed, players can speak to her numerous times to obtain x10 arrows as long as they have the required materials. Bedoli will cycle through Glowcap Mushrooms, Glowing Cave Fish, and Chillfin Trout .

West Totori Cave has all three materials, but players can also find the Chillfin Trout in Zora’s Domain (3299, 0424, 0112) or Tama Pond (-2997, 1895, 0307) . Due to the rarity of Chillfin Trout, it may be best to keep them and use them to upgrade Frostbite armor or cook heat-resistant meals. Meanwhile, Glowcap mushrooms and glowing cave fish are extremely common in almost any cave or pit.

Arrows are quite common in Tears of the Kingdom as their bundles can be recovered by breaking crates or barrels. They can also be purchased in packs of five at general stores. Players will want to trade materials with Bedoli as long as they don’t need them to upgrade armor. Regardless, this is a very effective and free way to farm arrows if players desperately need them.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm is available for Nintendo Switch.

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