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Super Mario RPG: Where is Princess Peach’s crown?

Once Super Mario RPG players reach the Booster Tower to try to save Princess Peach from above, they will have to face two bosses: Grate Guy and Knife Guy. After the battle, Mario and the group jump from the top and chase Booster to capture the princess, leading them to a new town called Marrymore .



Players can enter the chapel through the side entrance. Once inside, the main doors of the place where the forced marriage will take place will be locked, so they will have to be broken down. After doing so, Peach will be accidentally hit by Booster’s lackeys, causing her to drop her shoes , ring , pin , AND crown . Mario will have to find all four objects; However, finding the last thing, the crown, is not as easy to figure out as it seems.

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Where is the crown in Super Mario RPG?

To get the crown in Super Mario RPG, players just need to approach Peach and Booster at the altar. The crown is placed on top of Booster’s head . So Mario just needs to jump on it to grab it. The other three parts of Peach’s outfit can be collected simply by talking to the three Snifsters in the room.

Once you have collected all the pieces, a short scene will take place, after which more enemies will arrive, starting a battle with a donut and two lackeys called Cakes. This fight isn’t that difficult; keep attacking the cake to deal heavy damage until the battle ends. Once he starts lighting candles, players can quickly attack him to blow them out.

By completing this section of Super Mario RPG, players will be able to add the princess herself to the party. Peach is the latest party member to recruit in the game and specializes in healing magic and she can eventually revive characters by spending FP.

Super Mario RPG

SuperMario franchise

Platform(s) Switch

Released November 17, 2023

Nintendo Developer(s).

CERS E For All due to mild fantasy violence

Publisher(s) Nintendo

Genre(s) Role-playing game

How long to beat 11 hours

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