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Medieval Empires, Immutable zkEVM Partner to Expand MENA Market

Moon Gaming, who are the creators of the web3 game Medieval Empires, has officially entered a partnership with Immutable to expand into the MENA region and bring the popular Medievel Empires game with them.

The expansion into the growing  and scaling within the MENA regional market is of significance for both companies in this partnership. With Medieval Empires’ expertise  in operating within the Turkish market as well as their shared vision for creating engaging experiences, the brands are “poised to benefit from the growing demand for web3 gaming in MENA.”

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Medieval Empires, one of our early MENA-focused games. Partnering with them is a great opportunity for us, not only because they are our first partner in the region, but also because we are eager to do more in the MENA market,” Dave Shin, Head of Business Development, EMEA and Asia said in an official statement. “Medieval Empires has been offering us valuable guidance in understanding the MENA region and its gaming community. We believe that this partnership will help us tap into those markets while creating enjoyable experiences for players.”‍

“Medieval Empires is thrilled to partner with Immutable, a leader in web3 game adoption. Our goal is to create an enjoyable blockchain game for all gamers,” Assad Dar, co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Medieval Empires stated. “Through our collaboration with Immutable, we’ll enhance game production, delivering an unparalleled experience to our community.”

The game is currently in early development. Stay tuned for more MENA gaming and MENA streaming news.


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