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Where to find Mind Flayer parasite specimens and should you consume them

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an amazing RPG that has taken the gaming scene by storm with the incredible content it offers and its addictive gameplay, based on Dungeons & Dragons. The game offers the player a lot of freedom with the paths they want to take, including a wide range of customizations, from appearance, class, subclass and much more, increasing the replayability of the game.



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During their journey, the player may find specimens of Mind Flayer parasites. While their use may not be obvious at first, the player will figure out how to access overpowered abilities with them.

What are Mind Flayer parasite specimens and should the player consume them

Mind Flayer parasite specimens are rare items found in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. They are parasites inside jars.

The player can start finding them early, however they will only be able to use them after meeting their guardian in a dream. Once this is done, consuming those parasites is an option with unlocking the Illithid power tree. The more the player finds and consumes these parasites, the more points they will earn to spend and unlock more Illithid abilities, which are quite powerful.

While consuming these parasites will grant the player powerful abilities and make the use of Illithid Wisdom more effective, it may also have some drawbacks. The first is that party members disapprove of this and the other is a greater chance of turning into a Mind Flayer. Transforming into a Mind Flayer can be very problematic as it alienates the player, but can also be avoided when using Illithid powers.

Overall, consuming parasites can be very beneficial to the player as it makes them more powerful and helps them avoid difficult fights. However, it is not necessary at all and the game can be finished without it.

Where to find specimens of Mind Flayer parasites

The player will be able to use Mind Flayer parasite samples after meeting their guardian in a dream while resting in the camp.

Specimens will be obtained by killing NPCs infected with the Mind Flayer parasite and then looting their corpses, the player will be able to obtain a parasite. The player will also find specimens scattered throughout the world in jars. Players will know when they are close to a specimen when the Guardian tells them telepathically.

Here’s where to look to get the remaining specimens:

– Parasite specimen n. 1: In Emerald Grove, go to the Enclave Library and look for a jar on a desk.

– Parasite specimen n. 2: In the forest, can be obtained from Edowin.

– Parasite specimen n. 3: Northwest of the Risen Road crossing point, will be transported by Flind.

– Parasitic specimen n. 4: In the Shattered Sanctum, he will be transported by Minthara.

– Parasite specimen n. 5: In the Shattered Sanctum, he will be transported by Ragzlin.

– Parasite specimen n. 6: In the Shattered Sanctum, he is carried by the True Priestess of Soul Gut.

– Parasite specimen n. 7: In the blushing mermaid’s cellar.

– Parasite specimen n. 8: Inside the Iron Throne, on the workbench in the southwest area.

– Parasite specimen n. 9: Inside the steel watch foundry workshop, inside a desk.

– Parasite specimen n. 10: In the lower city, he will be found after killing Churg Elvek.

– Parasite specimen n. 11: A little north of the Gray Harbor Docks waypoint, the player will find 6 specimens in a chest.

– Parasite specimen n. 12: in the lodge in the lower city. On the second floor on a desk.

– Parasitic specimen n. 13: on the body of Manip Edenosa, not far from Bloomridge Park.

– Parasite specimen n. 14: On a desk in the poisoned floor room inside the Sanguine Laboratory.

– Parasite specimen n. 15: On a desk in Sorcerous Sundries

– Parasite specimen n. 16: At the Felogyr Fireworks, taken by Avery Sonshal.

– Parasite specimen n. 17: in the accounts house, inside the maximum security vault n. 6.

– Parasite specimen n. 18: On the beach with the Moonrise Towers ship, the player will find 2 in a container.

– Parasite specimen n. 18: On the beach with the Moonrise Towers ship, on top of a barrel.

– Parasite specimen n. 19: At the abandoned windmill in Rivington, in the basement of the windmill.

– Parasite specimen n. 20: Southeast of the Moonrise Towers waypoint, the player will find 5 parasites, 3 dead and 2 alive that he can take.

– Parasite specimen n. 21: Inside the Mind Flyer Colony, next to Mizora.

– Parasite specimen n. 22: Inside the Mind Flyer Colony, on a corpse in the dungeon.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available to play on PC and PlayStation 5.

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