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Star Citizen: the best Anvil ships

Star Citizen Spacecraft come from various manufacturers, one of the oldest being Anvil Aerospace. Anvil was founded in 2772 and produces both civilian and military vessels. Similar to Aegis, Anvil provided ships and equipment for the United Earth Empire and their Navy division.

This is why players can see so many of their ships aimed at space combat and defense. However, they have also designed and built large ships for exploration purposes that have weapons to rival Star Citizen’s deadly ships.


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This guide will highlight Anvil’s best ships and why players should consider adding them to their arsenal. If players can’t afford some of these ships, there are some great ways to make quick money within the game.

Anvil arrow

The Anvil Arrow stands out among light fighters as one of the fastest and most agile ships in the game. While the Arrow may lack shields and armor (shield generator 1 size 1) its dexterity allows the ship to avoid incoming fire with the right pilot.

These fast maneuvers pair well with its 2 size 3 gun mounts and size 3 turret. By moving into a blind spot or vulnerable position and unloading multiple guns, the Arrow can quickly dispatch most sizes of targets high risk (HRT). The 4 missile racks also carry 6 size 2 missiles allowing for slightly longer range engagements. Folding wings allow the ship to change its profile during landing or storage. While this won’t make a huge change in combat, it can create space for storage in a ship like the C2 Hercules.

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With less than 1 million aUEC, most players can easily get their hands on this little fighter and start tackling more challenging objectives.

Anvil Caracca

The Anvil Carrack is widely considered one of the best ships in Star Citizen. As a 4-level ship consisting of a cargo hold, hangar, infirmary and more, there is no task in the game that the Carrack can’t handle with ease.

The Carrack comes standard with its own C8 pieces which can be purposely inserted into the hanger. This can be used as a reconnaissance vessel to infiltrate hard-to-reach areas and use less fuel while navigating planetary surfaces. A level 1 infirmary allows the Carrack to serve as its own respawn point. This opens up many opportunities in many aspects of the game. As a mobile base for large crews, the Carrack is a formidable force to deal with.

The rover housing at the bottom can easily fit most land vehicles, the best fit is the Ursa Rover. While it is possible to fit small snub fighters into this area, it can be a little tricky to get them in and out.

The cargo hold is located just behind the rover’s cargo hold and holds up to 456 SCU. This is one of the largest cargo holds in the game, making it a great option for those handling dangerous cargo.

The pilot does not have direct access to any cannon but can fire missiles in long-range engagements. The size 5 turrets found around the Carrack’s hull can easily repel pirates or take on extreme risk bounties when the crew is at full strength. Additionally, the 2 size 3 shield generators make it difficult for small fighters to inflict damage on the large sub-capital ship.

Unfortunately, the Carrack is currently the second most expensive ship in the game at 26,657,500 aUEC, making it difficult for most players to purchase. By pooling money from multiple friends or players, large groups can easily make this a collective purchase – this is not the recommended way to access ships in Star Citizen.

Anvil C8 Pisces

The C8 Pisces is a great starter ship that players can purchase right from the start of their gaming experience. At just 400k aUEC players can purchase it with a little time spent in the verse.

With only 4 SCUs of physical storage, this won’t see much use for carrying large profit cargo, however, it’s great for moving items a short distance or returning cargo to a larger capital ship.

With 2 size 1 weapons, Pisces can engage in light combat but cannot be recommended for more difficult size contracts. This is where another variant of the C8 can come in handy.

The C8X Pisces Expedition comes with 2 additional weapons that essentially double the damage output of the standard variant. With the same utility and systems, it’s hard to see why players wouldn’t choose this variant over the standard option.

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Alternatively, there is the C8R Pisces Rescue which serves as a medical variant . This features a level 3 infirmary in the back that allows players to heal to full health and help other players who may be injured or in trouble. Unfortunately, this cannot serve as a respawn point.

Anvil Hurricane – Heavy fighter

The Anvil Hurricane is arguably the best heavy fighter in Star Citizen due to its high damage, shielding, and maneuverability for such a large ship.

The Hurricane competes with one of Aegis’ best ships, the Vanguard Warden. This is also a heavy fighter that also claims to be the best in the class. With physicalized interior space and beds, the Custodian is certainly much more versatile. However, there are some features that put the Hurricane slightly ahead of the competition when it comes to space combat.

The pilot has access to 2 size 3 boosters, making him quite deadly on his own. The combination with the turret equipped with 4 size 3 repeaters makes it even more lethal. Having these 6 cannons firing at a single target can easily overwhelm most enemies. The firepower can also be split between multiple targets, making it ideal for significant battles.

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As for shields, the Hurricane has a size 2 generator. While this may not be much, its hull strength more than makes up for it.

Costing 1.2 million aUEC, it’s an incredibly affordable option for players looking to engage in more challenging, high-risk missions with a friend. When you compare this to the cost of the Vanguard, the Hurricane is a great option even when you’re on a budget.

Anvil Valkyrie

Last but certainly not least is the Anvil Valkyrie. This ship plays an interesting role in Star Citizen since the main feature of her is not fully realized nor developed in the game.

As a dropship, the Valkyrie specializes in easily bringing troops to the front lines of battle. Unfortunately, there aren’t many activities in the game that require this type of gameplay (aside from something like the Siege of Orison).

Fortunately, the Valkyrie is equipped with extraordinary firepower and defensive measures:

  • 2 S3 remote turrets
  • 2 S3 manned turrets
  • 2 S1 door turrets
  • Double S3 turret mount

With all these turrets, the Valkyrie can engage multiple targets at once, including ground targets with the door turrets. These are great when fighting in an area like Jump Town as there may be a high volume of enemy troops here.

While the Valkyrie isn’t an essential ship to add to a player’s arsenal, it can be fun to load up a large crew and take on some enemies in the dangerous locations found around the Stanton system.

Star Citizen is available on PC.

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