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How to unlock the true pioneer and results of hidden harmony

Players need four days to unlock the secret objectives Truthful Trailblazer or Hidden Harmony Honkai: Star Rail . These hidden results are mutually exclusive and unmissable without quick reflection and a step back. Both achievements are only unlockable after completing the multi-stage questline, Todd Riordan’s Academic Quest .



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This three-phase, four-day Honkai: Star Rail quest tree unlocks after reaching Trailblaze level 34 or higher . Players also need to complete A Gallant Dragon, His Distant Ocean , the second part of the Trailblaze quest, Topclouded Towerthrust. The quest tree itself can end in two distinct ways, skipping a short section in favor of a decisive action.

Spotting the green apothecary’s bag

The first part of Todd’s questline involves recovering two Compendiums of Remedies from the Alchemical Commission. The pioneers are automatically brought back to Todd, then asked to find a component from a mara-stricken creature. They can acquire one after fighting a disguised disciple of Sanctus Medicus at the Alchemical Commission.

  • Acquire the quest from Todd in Central Starskiff Haven
  • Teleport to the Healers’ Market in the Alchemical Commission and talk to Yuluo near the Dragon Tree
  • Retrieve the unfortunate healer’s book from a tree near the marked stairs
  • Break the vase and take the Compendium of Remedies in a courtyard
  • Talk to Todd and then teleport to the Healers’ Market
  • Find and talk to the learned alchemist
  • Fight the Abominations of Abundance to obtain an Eerie Twig
  • Bring the creepy twig back to Todd in Starskiff Haven

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After activating the mission by talking to Todd in Central Starskiff Haven, the Trailblazers should teleport to the Healer’s Market in the Alchemy Commission. They need to talk to the NPC, Yuluo, who can be found next to the Dragon Tree in the middle of the market.

Collect the books

After speaking with Yuluo, players can find two copies of the Compendium of Remedies nearby.

  • To get the first copy, tackle the stairs next to the Healers’ Market space anchor.
  • Follow the path to the first sign and talk to the unfortunate healer.
  • Retrieve the book from the tree in front of him.
  • Go up the stairs again until the Trailblazer reaches the plaza.
  • Cross the square and go up the stairs, then turn right.
  • Break the vase near the stairs to find the second book.

Whatever order the player retrieves them in, they will be teleported to Todd immediately after collecting both books.

Find the learned alchemist

Once Todd’s dialogue is finished, players should teleport back to the Healer’s Market. The green-robed learned alchemist stands behind the dragon tree. Winning the ensuing fight will reward players with a Creepy Twig which must be brought back to Todd to complete this mission.

The three draconic transformations

Todd will send a message to the Trailblazer after a daily reset. This is the longest section of the four-day mission, as players must possibly fight their way through puzzle areas. Players must also solve multiple visual puzzles that may be difficult to solve without guidance.

  • Reply to Todd’s message and find him at Central Starskiff Haven
  • Go to Scalegorge Waterscape and take a photo of the following:
  • Statue of the High Elder
  • Vidyadhara egg
  • Vidyadhara mural
  • Dragon shaped light
  • Give the photos to Todd and then go to the Alchemical Commission to find the optical signs of the scholar Bernini:
  • Yaoshi
  • The ambrosial pergola
  • Crushing of the ambrosial pergola
  • Give Todd photos of the rubs and take photos of the rubs in Scalegorge Waterscape:
  • The first ships of the Xianzhou Alliance
  • Mara’s infection
  • The quintet of high clouds
  • Xianzhou resistance
  • The Xianzhou Journey
  • Give the task to Todd and visit Scalegorge Waterscape with him:
  • Statue of the High Elder
  • Vidyadhara egg
  • Look for the missing notebook at the High Elder statue and return it to Todd

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After Todd sends the message, players should meet him at his usual spot in Central Starskiff Haven. He will ask the Trailblazer to take photos of some landmarks in Scalegorge Waterscape.

Scalegorge image locations

  • Teleport to the Dragonvista Rain Hall space anchor.
  • Walk until the UI prompts you to take a photo of the High Elder statue appears.
  • Take the photo and teleport to the space anchor of the Ancient Sea Palace Ruins.
  • Walk along the path to the right and stop at the Vidyadhara Eggs .
  • Take a photo and teleport to the Palace Ruin Depths space anchor.
  • Take the path in front of the anchor or descend south to reach the Vidyadhara murals .
  • Photograph the murals and teleport to the Echo of War – Divine Seed.
  • Head straight towards the Dragon Light take a photo and return to Todd

After receiving the photos, Todd will make another request. The Pioneer will be asked to find invisible signs left by his Intelligentsia Guild mentor, Bernini Serrano. The first set of invisible rubbings or optical marks by the scholar Bernini can be found at the Alchemical Commission.

Find the fragments at the Alchemical Commission

  • Teleport to the Alchemical Commission using the space anchor in the Medicine Office.
  • Follow the mission marker and complete the tutorial.
  • Press R and walk behind the bench where the other half of the optical marker is located.
  • Align the image on the bench with the mural on the wall to get the Aeon of Abundance rub, Yaoshi .
  • Teleport to the Healer’s Market and walk to the quest marker.
  • Walk around the dragon tree and stop in front of the healer and healer.
  • Press R to see the rub The Ambrosial Bower and line up the shards to capture it.
  • Use the Elixir Research Terrace space anchor located on the F1 level of the map.
  • Go straight to the mission marker and walk until just beyond the orange one.
  • Align the optical marks to achieve the rubbing of the Crushing of the ambrosial arbor .
  • Return the rubbings to Todd, who will send players to Scalegorge Waterscape for the next set of optical signs.

Discover the optical signs on Scalegorge Waterscape

  • Each rub on Scalegorge Waterscape can be collected clockwise. Alternatively, players can teleport from the space anchors and head towards their target.
  • For the first rubs, teleport to Scalegorge Waterscape via the space anchor of the Ancient Sea Palace Ruins.
  • Turn around, go up the stairs and activate the mission marker.
  • The first ships of the Xianzhou Alliance can be collected by standing in front of the pillar and moving the camera until the camera option appears.
  • Go down the stairs to the space anchor.
  • Turn left, go down to the mission marker, then go down the stairs and immediately turn left.
  • The journey of Xianzhou can be photographed after aligning the two optical markers.
  • Face your back to the stairs, go straight, then turn left and go down the stairs.
  • Mara’s infection is divided into three. She looks to the right, goes around the broken pillar and lines up the three parts to get the rub.
  • Walk around the broken pillar and go straight.
  • Run along the long wooden branch towards the Vidyadhara murals.
  • Activate the quest marker, turn left and walk towards the small pillar with the green flames.
  • Align the optical marking on the pillar with that on the wall to obtain the rubbings The quintet of high clouds .

While the Trailblazer doesn’t recognize them, observant players may remember them as The High-Cloud Quintet. Clockwise from top, they are:

First name

Xianzhou ship



Xianzhou Cangcheng

Native of Xianzhou

Jing Yuan

Unknown (established in Xianzhou Luofu)

Native of Xianzhou


Xianzhou Zhuming (External, arranged)

Short-lived species

Dan Feng

Xianzhou Luofu



Unknown (possibly Xianzhou Yaoqing)


  • To get to the final rubs, Trailblazers can:
    • Walk north until they reach the quest marker.
    • Use the Palace Ruin Depths space anchor to reach the marker.
    • Teleport to Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Abomination to reach the marker.
  • After activating the marker, walk behind the fallen pillar directly through the pillar shown in the cutscene.
  • Align the fragments to capture the Xianzhou Resistance Rubs.

Visit the Scalegorge waterscape with Todd

  • Meet Todd at Central Starskiff Refuge.
  • Travel with him to Scalegorge Waterscape.
  • Take it to the High Elder statue and then to the Vidyadhara eggs.
  • Todd will ask the Pioneer to retrieve his notebook in front of the High Elder statue.
  • Return the notebook to Todd and escort him to Central Starskiff Haven to finish this mission.


Continue takes two days to complete. On the first day, players can choose whether to keep Todd’s secret or report him to the Commission of Ten Lords. The choice won’t change Todd’s final fate but it will affect his final moments.

Reports Todd to the Committee of Ten Lords

  • Read Todd’s message and head to his usual spot.
  • Talk to the mysterious NPC and refuse his offer.
  • Head to the Commission of Ten Lords and report Todd to Dahao.
  • Teleport to the Earthrise Agora space anchor.
  • Go left and walk straight towards Xueyi, who will give you information about Todd.
  • Wait for the server to recover and reply to Todd’s message.
  • Warp to the Dragonvista Rain Hall Space Anchor in Scalegorge Waterscape to meet Todd one last time.

Do not tell anybody

  • Read Todd’s message and then go to his usual spot.
  • Talk to the mysterious NPC and agree to keep his secret.
  • Wait for the server to recover and talk to the child in Todd’s usual place.
  • Follow the child to a food stand near the space anchor on Starwatcher Avenue.
  • Buy a pheasant skewer with berries.
  • Witness the conversation between the child and Bailu at the Exalting Sanctum.
  • Warp to the Dragonvista Rain Hall Space Anchor in Scalegorge Waterscape to meet Todd one last time.

Blade fans can unlock extra dialogue with the immortal Mara hits in both scenarios. They can find the man formerly known as Yingxing dal

Rain room Dragonview
still marine. Blade is also visible from wherever Todd arrives on the map.

How to Unlock the True Pioneer/Hidden Harmony

Finally, to unlock hidden achievements, return to Todd’s place. In his place is Cleo, one of his many disciples. Players can unlock True Pioneer by telling her the truth about Todd. Hidden Harmony is unlocked by keeping Todd’s secret.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for mobile, PS5 and PC.

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