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How to find and use the Sarin Skull

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a large number of side quests that are often even more interesting than the main ones. By completing them, players can get good rewards, so when they see Sarin’s Skeleton , they shouldn’t skip it and help him find his lost head. This guide will help fans find the Sarin Skeleton and Sarin Skull in Baldur’s Gate 3 and show the rewards they will receive for giving rest to the ghost’s soul.



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BG3: Sarin Skeleton Location

Sarin’s skeleton is found in the sewers of the Lower City at coordinates X:-123; Y:831 . It’s not easy to get close because the mad sorcerer Aelis and a whole group of Grease Elementals guard the coffin. It is very difficult for players to avoid the battle because convincing Aelis to provide access to the skeleton is impossible. The battle will begin as soon as the adventurers slide on the fat, which is practically everywhere.

At the same time, the battle is not very difficult because all enemies stand on fat, which is flammable. This will be useful for players because elementals are vulnerable to fire damage. However, if fans still want to avoid a fight, they can separate from the group and use a character with a high jump range or a teleportation spell.

If the characters do not step on the fat, Aelis will not notice them and they can safely approach the coffin. Inside the coffin is Sarin’s skeleton, missing a skull.

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BG3: Sarin Skull Location

Players will find the Sarin skull not far from the skeleton. They must go northwest to coordinates X:-156; Y:940 . To the left of the Undercity Ruins teleportation point, adventurers will see a man who will remain silent in response to any questions.

Behind him is a bag with the Sarin skull, but the silent man will not allow the players to take it, although this will not be a problem if they sneak in unnoticed. Instead, players can simply kill him, which will be easy given that he only has six health points. From him, fans can loot a very rare helmet for a barbarian and armor for a druid.

When players return to the coffin, they should place the Sarin skull in it. Afterwards, the ghost of Sarin will bow gratefully and give a magical amulet. This item allows characters to use a reaction once per long rest to make an attack roll or saving throw with advantage.


Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate Franchise

Platform(s) PC, Stadia, macOS, PS5

Released August 3, 2023

Developer(s) Larian Studies

Genre(s) Role-playing game

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