Women are getting Botox injected into their calves to make them look more feminine and less muscley

Women are getting Botox injected into their calves to make them look more feminine and less muscley

WOMEN are getting Botox injected into their legs to make them look shapelier and less muscley, with numerous clinic now offering the treatment.

Taking part in sports or even wearing high heels often can lead to defined calf muscles, which is what some people strive for.

The Harley Street Institute claims the procedure aims to ‘slim the calves’
Harley Street Institute

But others find them unattractive, and so are turning to cosmetic procedures to give them the pins they desire.

The Aesthetic Edit clinic explains women are using Botox to try and achieve smoother legs to look more “feminine”.

Their website explains: “Calf reduction is typically done as a way to feminize the legs, creating a smooth contour from the knees to the ankle.

“When calves lack a defined curve, the lower legs can appear shorter, more masculine, and can make wearing certain clothing items difficult.”

The after results from the clinic show a change to the leg shape
Harley Street Institute

The PICO clinic, which has a number of salons around the world, including one in London, is offering calf remodelling with Botulinum, otherwise known as Botox.

The website explains: “Calves and shoulders are areas that can easily appear disproportionately large vis-a-vis the rest of the figure, due to physical activity or just natural shape.

“This can throw off the balance of proportion essential in beauty.”

They recommend two treatments in a month to achieve the best results, adding the procedure needs no recovery time and doesn’t affect walking.

Its been claimed women are getting the procedure to look more feminine
Harley Street Institute

The clinic told Fabulous Digital: “This treatment is suitable for people who have/develop large calf muscles due to sport activities, or wearing high heels on a more frequent basis.

“We remodel customer’s calf based on their expectations and doctor’s recommendations, redefine calf shape by targeting specific the muscles, and treat with botulinum solution.”

The non-permanent treatment lasts around six months, but there have been fears from those within the industry about the risks associated with cosmetic procedures.

Consultant plastic surgeon Gerard Lambe from British Association of Aethetic Plastic Sugeons (BAAPS)

“It is crucial members of the public do not treat having Botox and dermal fillers as casual beauty treatments, like brow threading or waxing.

“Administering an injection of any kind is a very serious procedure and requires an experienced and qualified health professional.

“All kinds of risks can arise, from infection, to incorrectly applied needle placement over delicate facial muscles – which can lead to paralysis.”


And PICO added the results can be ‘unpredictable’.

They said: “While deep injections may lead to mild leg weakness and balancing difficulty. Contouring the calves can be unpredictable.

“Uneven areas of bulging can occur depending on botulinum diffusion but this will be addressed during follow-up treatments.”

The procedure costs £1,400 for both calves, and only takes around five minutes.

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