Woman asks her Tinder match to submit a CV before she invites him to her sister’s wedding

Woman asks her Tinder match to submit a CV before she invites him to her sister’s wedding

A WOMAN looking for a date on Tinder jokingly told a fellow singleton he should submit a CV – but was shocked when he took her suggestion VERY seriously and sent one over listing his ‘experience’ and ‘objectives’.

Delaynie Marie, from South Carolina, USA, got a pleasant surprise after striking up a conversation with a guy named Nate.

Delaynie initially needed a date to her sister’s wedding

She explained she needed a date for her sister’s upcoming wedding, and anyone interested should send a “formal resume”.

And Nate didn’t disappoint.

Sharing their story of romance on Twitter, Delaynie said: “So as a joke, I told this guy I needed a formal resume on why he would be a good date to my sister wedding.

This happened…”


She got chatting with a guy, Nate, who applied for the position
He stunned Delaynie by actually sending a resume

Uploading snaps of their Tinder chat, Nate says: “I’m here to apply for the super cool date position.”

He followed up her request for a CV with: “Do you want that through email or will you need a paper copy.”

After giving him her email address, Nate says: “I’m actually nervous now.”

Poking fun at her potential date, she gives him a list of what to include, saying it should have: “Interesting facts about you.

“What makes you qualified to be a good date.

He sent over a tailor-made CV

“Why should I pick you?

“Will you be nice to my family? You know, just come up with stuff.”

Nate assures her he’s “really doing this” and sends it, which is when Delaynie realises he’s serious, replying: “I’m honestly excited. Omg did you really.”

Sure enough, Nate had written a tailor-made CV and sent it over, listing his ‘experience’, reasons to choose Nate’ and ‘awards and acknowledgements’.

The pair went on a few dates – although they didn’t make it to the wedding itself

Among his reasons are he’s “been to multiple weddings, so I know how to behave”, adding he was the best man as his sister’s wedding.

He’s also a “deep conversationalist”, “very respectful”, “super cool”, “cleans up nice” and is a “normal guy”.

And he says he’s “just the right amount of extra. . . . like extra enough to really make a resume, but not extra enough to piss you off”.

He throws in some positive comments from his mum and dad as well.

Seemingly impressed, Delaynie later revealed the pair met up and went on a couple dates.

Nate said the pair are still friends though
Delaynie shared his brilliant resume with her Twitter followers

She later Tweeted: “Just a little update: he’s great and the wedding is in October.”

Despite their near-perfect love story, Nate later told Bored Panda he didn’t end up going to the wedding.

He said: “My first impression was that she’s super outgoing and extremely fun to be around, it hasn’t changed even a little.

“We’ve never officially been a couple but we hang out and go on dates occasionally, and we like it that way.”

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