What to wear to a barre class: from non-slip socks to tank tops

What to wear to a barre class: from non-slip socks to tank tops

IF you’re confused about what to wear to a barre class – you’re not alone. It’s not your typical workout and so you can’t wear your normal gym gear.

The classes are a mixture of ballet moves with parts of Pilates, yoga, dance and strength training, focusing on sculpting your muscles without the delicacy of being a ballerina.

However, the focus in these exercises are the isometric movements. You’ll have to perform smaller movements before holding your body still to contract certain muscles. This is where you’ll feel the burn.

But alongside the smaller movements, the classes typically end with a yoga-inspired cool-down. The mishmash of inspirations does mean it’s a bit difficult to know what to wear.

Shorts? Leggings? Tank tops? A little or a lot? It’s easy to make a mistake if you’re a newbie to the barre game.

To help you reach your stretchy dream, we’ve created a guide on what to wear to a barre class, so the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how sore your glutes are.

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1. Non-skid/non-slip socks for barre

Going bare foot is a no-no at barre class

Most studios won’t let you wear trainers or sports shoes in the studio, so non-slip socks for barre are a must. It will help you perform the stretches without falling all over the place and are much more hygienic than going bare foot.

These non-skid socks from YogaAddict have grip from the heel to the toe, so your balance isn’t affected. This also provides traction and stability.

They are machine washable as well, making them very easy to care for after a hard session.

  • (AD) Non-Slip Socks, YogaAddict, between £7.90 – £11.90 on Amazon – buy here

2. Yoga pants and leggings for barre

Pockets bring functionality to your fashion choices

Most people think you should wear shorts to barre – but that would be a mistake. Not only do leggings provide support for your muscles and insulate the heat (allowing you to sweat more), they also protect people behind you from seeing a bit too much.

IUGA’s yoga pants are the best leggings for barre class, giving compression and support with a four-way stretch material. The interlock seams help minimise chaffing and rubbing too.

Coming in multiple colours, these are the fashion forward choice with one secret weapon: pockets!

  • (AD) Yoga pants with pockets, IUGA, between £18.95 – £21.95 on Amazon – buy here

3. Barre class sports bra

Support is always needed when exercising

Now the bottom half of your body is supported and ready for some ballet stretching, you need something for the upper half. This means you’ll need a top quality sports bra.

H&M provide a wide range of good quality and budget-friendly options. This medium support bra boasts fast-drying fabric – great for something as sweat-inducing as barre – alongside padded cups with removable inserts. The mesh at the back is breathable and looks good.

  • Sports bra, medium support, H&M, for £14.99 on H&M – buy here

4. Barre tank top

Tank tops are the best mid-point for breathablity and comfort

You’ll need a tight tank top for a barre class, unless you want your top rolling up and blocking your face. One of the best places to find these would be Lululemon, who specialise in yoga gear.

Their Cool Raceback II top comes in four colours to fit your outfit, allowing both practicality and style. Meanwhile, the material is soft, lightweight, and sweat-wicking, meaning it draws sweat away from the body.

  • Cool Raceback II, Nulu Yoga, for £35 on Lululemon – buy here

5. Hair ties

Keep your hair intact while you take part

It is possible to attend barre class without a hair tie – and some brave souls do – but we highly recommend you come armed with one. The invisibobble hair ties are probably the best for this kind of exercise.

Most importantly, they avoid tugging or damaging your hair and they are completely sweatproof. But for fashion reasons, they provide uneven pressure around the ponytail, avoiding kinks and leaving no trace on your hair.

  • (AD) invisibobble Hair Tie, Invisibobble, for £3.79 on Amazon – buy here

6. Best water bottle for classes

Staying hydrated is always important

You’ll definitely need to stay hydrated after a class like this, so you’ll a water bottle is an absolute must. Zounich’s water bottles are great for this, offering multiple sizes and features to suit you.

Made from nontoxic hard plastic and food grade silicone, it’s both safe to drink and more durable, just in case your stretches knock it over. Also, the flip cap is completely spill and leak proof.

  • (AD) Best Sports Water Bottle, Zounich, between £8.85 – £14.99 on Amazon – buy here

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