Watch: Prepare Halwai-Style Aloo Samosa At Home For Evening Snacking


  • We all love indulging in hot and spicy samosas.
  • It is one such snack that has popularity across the country.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to replicate your favourite halwai-style samosa

We all love indulging in hot and spicy samosas. Don’t we? It is one snack item that has a huge fan following across the nation – so much so that every region in India has its unique samosa recipe. Some add dal stuffing, while others make a sweet version of it with khoya and dry fruits. But what remains the most popular among all is the classic aloo samosa. Spicy aloo filling with crispy, flaky outer layer, samosa just spells indulgence. You may either have it as is with chutney or pair it with spicy chhole and dahi. In the Eastern part of India (especially Bengal), samosa makes a great pair with jhalmuri.

How To Make Halwai-Style Aloo Samosa:

Here’s a simple aloo samosa recipe that will remind you of your favourite halwai in town. It is quick, easy and can be made with some basic ingredients at home. All you need to do is, prepare a spicy potato filling and stuff it in cone-shaped maida dough and deep-fry.

Alongside aloo and maida, the ingredients you need for the recipe are green peas, ginger, oil, salt and a host of kitchen spices.

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Enjoy the samosas hot with chutneys

Here’s The Step-By-Step Written Recipe Of Aloo Samosa For You:

Step 1. Heat oil in a kadhai and add cumin, ginger and fennel seeds and sauté for a few seconds.

Step 2. Add garam masala, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, chaat masala, gree chilli, salt and mix everything well.

Step 3. Add green peas, boiled aloo and cook everything together. Coat the masalas well on aloo and matar.

Step 4. Finally add coriander leaves and lemon juice and give a final mix. And the spicy aloo stuffing for your samosa is ready.

Step 5. Prepare dough with maida, ajwain, salt, oil and water.

Step 6. Prepare a round roti out of the dough. Make sure you keep it a bit thick. Cut the roti into two pieces.

Step 7. Take a piece and make a cone shape with it. Stuff the filling and close.


Step 8. Deep fry the samosas in hot oil.

Enjoy the samosas hot!

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