Vitamin E, Extracted From Palm Oil, May Help Boost Immunity – How You Can Add It To Your Diet

Palm oil is one edible oil that is known for its versatile usages. Extracted from the fruits of oil palm tree, it is loaded with several nutrients that may help prevent vitamin A deficiency, ageing, and manage cholesterol and blood pressure. It is a storehouse of vitamin E and is known to promote skin health, hair health and more. In fact, palm oil is one of the most economical sources of vitamin E. Adding to its benefits; a recent study has found that the vitamin E, extracted from palm oil, may help boost immune response in the body. The research, conducted on mice liver cells, was published in the journal ‘Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology’.

For the uninitiated, palm oil is enriched with vitamin E compounds like tocopherols and tocotrienols, which help protect the cells from toxic chemical damages. As per a report in ANI, “while tocopherol is a widely known and researched compound, there remains much to learn about tocotrienols.”

The study was conducted by a team of researchers from Malaysia and Libya, who investigated the effects of tocotrienols (extracted from palm oil) on mice liver cells.

“Our study is the first in vivo study on the effect of tocotrienols on Nrf2 on genetic material in the nucleus,” said Azman Abdullah (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), corresponding author of the study. On a related note, Nrf2 is a type of protein that helps regulate antioxidant proteins to prevent oxidative damages in a body.


He added, “We observed that the maximum effect of Nrf2 translocation into the liver cell nucleus after administration of the palm oil extract occurred in 60 minutes of administration.”


The researchers further hope that these findings will help people find easy and economical remedies for various diseases.

Here’re 4 Ways To Include Palm Oil To Your Diet:

  • Substitute your regular oil with palm oil for everyday cooking.
  • You may add palm oil to your food as a replacement for butter.
  • Add it to your dip and sauce recipes.
  • You may pour some palm oil while kneading dough for your baked goods.

Enjoy good health with the help of palm oil.

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