Vitamin D Can Also Improve Gut Health And Immunity: Study I How To Add Vitamin D To Your Diet

Vitamin D sufficiency is important for good health.


  • Vitamin D nutrient is known to boost immunity.
  • A new study revealed that vitamin D also improves gut health.
  • Here are some natural ways to add Vitamin D to your diet.

Multiple studies have suggested that how vitamin D deficiency can be detrimental to our overall health. Low vitamin D levels can increase the risk for bone-related diseases, heart diseases, cancer and more such serious health issues. Making our worst fear come true, some studies have claimed that insufficiency of vitamin D may also make us more vulnerable to COVID-19 virus. Adding to the long list of health risks, another research revealed that our gut health is also dependent on the nutrient! This is probably the first time we are hearing about it.

The researchers at University of California San Diego demonstrated in older men that the makeup of a person’s gut microbiome is linked to their levels of active vitamin D, which is important for bone health and immunity.

The study, published in journal Nature Communications, revealed a new role that vitamin D plays in our body. “We were surprised to find that microbiome diversity – the variety of bacteria types in a person’s gut – was closely associated with active vitamin D. Greater gut microbiome diversity is thought to be associated with better health in general,” said senior author Deborah Kado, MD, director of the Osteoporosis Clinic at UC San Diego Health.

The team studied stool and blood samples of 567 men participants in the United States of the mean age of 84. The team discovered a link between active vitamin D and overall microbiome diversity. 


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Greater gut microbiome diversity is thought to be associated with better health in general.

Vitamin D sufficiency is important for healthy gut and digestion, which can affect our immunity levels. 

Here are some natural ways to add vitamin D to your diet:

Orange Juice

Orange is touted as the only fruit with high amounts of vitamin D. The best way to get your fill of vitamin D is by drinking refreshing orange juice every day.

Mushroom Soup

Creamy, dense mushroom soup can make for the best appetiser in a winter meal. Mushrooms are loaded with vitamin D and mushroom soup is the tastiest recipe you can make with it.

Egg Yolk Sauce

Pair your meals with delish egg yolk sauces like Hollandaise sauce, Aioli and more. Click here for some easy egg yolk recipes that you can try at home.


Soy Milk

Sneak in soy milk to your daily milk routine. Apart from vitamin D, soy milk brings in a host of other health benefits.


Make sure to include lots of cereals to your diet. The best way to do it is by having cereal bowls like oatmeal for breakfast.

Note: The dietary recommendations were not part of the study.

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