Viral: Twitter User's Maggi And Curd Combination Shocks Internet


  • Maggi combinations are popular among mellenials
  • There are some bizarre combinations that often leaves people confused
  • Maggi and curd is the latest combination that has triggered Internet

The only rule about comfort food is that there are no rules. However, when a Twitter user shared a picture of soupy instant noodles smeared in curd, it turned out to be a bit too much for the internet. The Twitter post that went up on 16th November has elicited reactions from across the country, some even demanded for the content to be marked sensitive. The user @acnymph tweeted the picture with caption “Maggi and curd is food for the soul.” This is not the first time someone has tried a bizarre combination with instant noodles. Remember the time when Twitter was enraged at the idea of chocolate Maggi? Or when someone tried combining Makki Ki Roti with Maggi?

From gifs to other weird food pairings, the comments on the post are all things hilarious. Here are some reactions on @acnymph recent viral post that will crack you up too.


The twitter user Felon Musk who goes by the handle @acnymph, however, seems to be firm on her opinion and has also asked the manufacturers of Maggi if she can contribute her recipe.


Let’s admit it; we have all tried weird combinations in our life that have actually turned out great. Which are the ones that you are particularly proud of? Do write to us in the comments below. And also tell us if you would like to have your noodles mashed with curd?

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