Viral Hack To Make 4-Layer Wrap In One Simple Step Will Surprise You

Wraps can be made even more delicious with this easy hack.


  • A tortilla wrap can be a delicious and versatile meal
  • This viral hack makes a four-layered version of it
  • All you need to do is just this one simple trick

Wraps are an incredibly versatile dish. Whether you like it grilled with lots of veggies and meat or lightly toasted with dips and spreads – there is so much room for creativity. The wrap can make for a meal by itself or even a fulfilling mid-meal snack. However, they can often get messy to eat as the filling keeps falling out while eating. An Instagram food blogger has found the perfect solution to this problem by making a delicious four-layered wrap without it falling apart. Take a look:

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The easy wrap hack was shared on Instagram by blogger @alphafoodie. It has gone viral garnering over 1 million views and 40.2k likes at the time of writing. The video showed the process of taking a circular tortilla wrap, which can be replaced with any other wrap made with whole wheat too. Then, a cut is made from the centre of the wrap to any edge.

Think of the circular wrap as four quarters and add your choice of fillings to each quarter. You can use your imagination and choose from any number of fillings such as vegetables, dips, cheese, and sauces. Once this wrap is ready, fold it up starting with the edge where the incision was made. This will seal the layers of filling and make a flat conical wrap with four different and delicious layers. You can now grill or toast this wrap in a pan or in an electric grill, and eat to your heart’s content!


What a wonderful and easy way to make a wrap, right? The fillings stay intact and you can get a whole new range of flavours with every bite you take. The viral video of the easy wrap hack got thousands of comments from excited users. Many called the hack ‘brilliant’ and ‘creative’. A few Indian bloggers also tried a desi version of the hack with Paranthas instead of a tortilla.

It’s safe to say that wraps will never be the same for us anymore. What did you think of this hack? Tell us in the comments below!

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