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Vikings season 6 part 2: Will Travis Fimmel return as the ghost of Ragnar? Creator talks

With Ubbe in Iceland, he hopes to complete the journey to the Golden Land that Ragnar had always dreamed of.

With this in mind, it seems that although Ragnar has not been present in person, his dreams and his personality has continued to shine through, thanks to his sons.

Bjorn actor Ludwig has previously said how Ragnar Lothbrok has continued to be a part of the show, albeit not in a literal form.

The question of his appearance in the final episodes has been one of the most frequently-asked since his character died, and viewers cannot seem to come to terms with the loss.

One fan posted a screengrab of the trailer, which shows a male’s arm lifting a sword. They said: “Could this be Ragnar on the trailer?”

Sadly Ragnar will not be returning in person, but viewers hope to see him again in the upcoming Vikings spin-off, Vikings Valhalla.

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