'Vaccine passports are coming whatever' Boris warns 'international stage' will demand it

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that vaccine passports are currently under review in the UK to see if they are necessary to reopen parts of the country. However, the Prime Minister said that vaccine passports for international travel would be coming “whatever” as countries already have plans put in place for infectious diseases like yellow fever. Mr Johnson revealed his lockdown roadmap on Monday as the country is expected to have no legal lockdown restrictions by June 21 at the earliest. 


Speaking to Sky News, the Prime Minister was asked whether anything he would exclude anything from a potential vaccination passport rollout. 

He said: “When you look at the international side of things, the international travel, there’s no questions that’s where a lot of countries will be going.

“And they will be insisting on vaccine passports in the same way that people used to insist on evidence that you’ve been inoculated against yellow fever.

“So it’s going to come on the international stage whatever.”

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Boris Johnson said the Government was looking at the ethical issues of introducing vaccination documents for UK citizens.

He explained Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove would be leading the review and would be discussing with scientists about the move. 

Mr Johnson continued: “This is a novelty for our country, we’ve never thought in terms of having something to go into a pub or theatre. 

“So they’re deep and complex issues we need to explore about what the role of government is in mandating all people to have such thing, or banning people from doing things. 

Greece has been pushing the EU to introduce vaccination documents to reopen travel and restore normality to theirtourism sector. 

Tourism accounts for a fifth of Greece’s GDP and the country will push for the documents to be implemented when the bloc meets on February 25. 

In the UK, ministers have had varying views on the documents with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab refusing to rule out their use in shops. 

Other claims the documents are an abuse on freedoms and makes vaccines mandatory through a back door. 

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