US warns European ISIS volunteers could create CARNAGE unless ‘locked up for LONG TIME’


Separately an American government figure claimed the UK’s strategy is to “hope they don’t find a way back”. US authorities are worries European ISIS volunteers could reach America via visa waiver schemes. Justice Secretary David Gauke has warned the UK may be unable to stop British ISIS fighters returning to the country.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph a US government source argued European jihadists would pose a terror threat unless “locked up for a long time”.

A second American figure implicitly criticised the Governments policy on UK ISIS fighters, telling the paper it amounted to “leave them at large and hope they don’t find a way back”.

US officials believe ISIS fighters from Europe pose a particular threat to America, because many can

potentially access the country using visa waiver schemes.

Suspected European ISIS fighters should be on a US no-fly list, but the system is not “foolproof” according to one American source.

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On Saturday Mr Gauke admitted the Government could struggle to stop UK ISIS militants returning to Britain.

He commented: “Obviously we have to act within the powers that we have.

“It is the case we can’t make people stateless.

“The approach that we take as a government is to ensure we protect the British people. That is the key thing.”

According to The Sunday Telegraph Ministers would prefer suspected UK jihadists to face trial in the Middle East.

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They fear lack of access to evidence could hinder successful prosecutions in the UK.

However Home Secretary Sajid Javid had previously suggested UK ISIS recruits could be blocked from coming back to Britain.

Speaking to The Times on Friday he said: “My message is clear, if you have supported terrorist organisations abroad I will not hesitate to prevent your return.

“If you do manage to return you should be ready to be questioned, investigated and potentially prosecuted.”

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