Unimpressed beauty fans say YouTube millionaire Zoella’s £14 eyeshadow palette is ‘boring’ and ‘beige’

Unimpressed beauty fans say YouTube millionaire Zoella’s £14 eyeshadow palette is ‘boring’ and ‘beige’

ZOELLA has been slated for her new £14 eyeshadow palette – with shoppers labelling it “as boring and beige as her”.

Instagram posts promoting the collaboration with ColourPop have racked up hundreds of thousands of likes on Zoe Sugg’s account, but not everyone’s impressed with her make-up line.

YouTuber Zoella has been slated for her new eyeshadow palette – which some labelling it ‘as beige and boring as her’
Zoella x Colourpop
But her fans are absolutely loving the new line – and said they couldn’t wait to receive their orders
Zoella x Colourpop

The 28-year-old YouTuber’s Brunch Date eye palette has caused the biggest stir – with people slating the “boring” range of shades.

Viral account TeaSpillYT tweeted: “wait…. hold up this is the same colour 11 times with a pop of blue”.

While others wrote: “zoella released a colourpop collection and guess what.. its as boring and beige as her”.

One woman tweeted: “Honestly this ColourPop collaboration with Zoella is as dead as her YouTube channel”.

And another lass commented: “the zoella colourpop palette is boring. it’s 11 shades of brown and one blue.”


In response to the criticism, Zoella told us: “Sadly, some people will always have something negative to say about anything I do.

“I’m thrilled with the collection & the fact that there is something for everyone.

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive on the whole & It’s done far better than I could have ever imagined!”

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Oh Hi, just calling to let you know the Zoella X Colourpop collection is now live! Link in my bio or in my stories (as well as swatches) Let me know if you get anything 🧡 IM SO EXCITED 🤪🤪 @colourpopcosmetics . FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS! 🌎 . . Photo by @kylegalvin_ . Hair by @samantha.cusick . Makeup by @misscassielomas . Styling by @alexandrafullerton . BTS filming by @duncansmith_film

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What the colours from the nude palette actually look like on the skin
Zoella x Colourpop
Zoella said ‘people will always find something negative to say’
Zoella x Colourpop

Zoella has a 10-million strong army of fans on Instagram – and they’re absolutely loving her new line.

Her fans gushed: “Ordered the eyeshadow palette and I’m so excited to use it” and Ordered!! So excited!!! @zoesugg The palatte loooks AMAZING!!”

If you disagree with her critics, you can shop the full range here. ColourPop is an American-based company, but they do ship to the UK.

Zoella previously came under fire for selling a £50 advent calendar with just £20 worth of goods in it.

But she hit back at her critics, insisting the price point was “not her decision”.


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