UK weather LIVE: Temperatures to drop to -3C for ‘coldest Bonfire Night’ in recent years

Britons are braced for what could become the coldest Bonfire Night in years with temperatures forecast to drop as low as -3C in some regions. The wintry conditions came after snowfall in parts of northern England on Thursday. The Environment Agency has issued several flood warnings and alerts after a stormy start to the week, but what do the forecasts suggest about today?

Key points:

  • High pressure is expected to dominate the weekend’s weather with winds and possible rain.
  • Temperatures are likely to be cloudy with patchy rainfall across northern and western areas of Scotland.
  • The rest of the country will remain dry with good sunny spells, especially across the south and east.

The Met Office forecast for today says: “Fog patches in the south slowly clearing then fine with some good sunshine though chilly for many. Cloudier in the northwest with some drizzle. East Scotland and northeast England milder.”

A few fog patches may linger throughout the day, but most places are predicted to be sunny and dry. However, generally, temperatures will feel very cold.

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10.26am update: Fog continues to linger

Foggy conditions are continuing to linger in many areas of the UK, some of which is very dense.

The densest patches of fog are affecting areas in southern England, the southeast, the Midlands and Staffordshire.

The image above shows a man walking his dog near to Winchester in Hampshire this morning n the foggy conditions.

9.50 am update: North/South split in today’s weather

The Met Office tweeted the south will have a cold and frosty start to the day, with fog patches in parts.

While in the north of England, we’ll see a cloudy morning with drizzle in parts of western Scotland.

9.30am update: Thursday’s forecast from the Met Office

The Met Office forecast for Thursday advises of fine and dry conditions for most with some fog patches.

The early morning foggy conditions in the south will slowly clear throughout the day leading to fine conditions with some good sunshine, although conditions will feel chilly for many.

The weather will be cloudier in the northwest with some drizzle.

In east Scotland and northeast England conditions will be milder throughout the day.

Through the rest of the week into next week, the weather is likely to be more unsettled with high pressure close to the south and south-west of Britain.

Conditions will remain drier than average across southern Britain, Northern Ireland and eastern Scotland with rain belts not causing significant downpours.

However polar maritime outbreaks will bring showers to western Scotland as well as northern and western coasts.

Rainfall totals and temperatures are expected to be near normal for much of Scotland, but temperatures are expected to drop below normal for southern Britain with anticyclonic conditions causing several cold and frosty nights.

9am update: Flood warnings in place for parts of the UK

The Environment Agency has issued eight flood warnings and 18 flood alerts for Thursday.

In Wales, Natural Resources Wales has issued one flood warning and two flood alerts.

Several areas in Northern Ireland have also been highlighted as at risk of possible flooding.

8am update: BBC Weather gives today’s forecast

It’s been another misty and foggy start to the day for many this morning, will bitting temperatures for some.

The BBC Weather forecast for today reads: “Another cold start to the day with some patchy mist and fog – especially across England and Wales.

“Scotland and Northern Ireland will have rather cloudy skies again with England and Wales seeing some spells of sunshine.”

The forecast added: “Scotland and Northern Ireland will see more in the way of cloud today, but parts of England and Wales, that don’t see fog or patchy cloud, will have a dry and sunny day after a cold and frosty start.”

7am update: Lockdown 2.0 to see very different weather this winter

BBC Weather meteorologist Simon King warned today will see stubborn fog and some sunny spells – a very different set of weather conditions from the first UK lockdown which begin in March.

He posted on Twitter: “While it won’t be as warm and sunny, one positive we can take is that it doesn’t look as wet as recent weeks.”

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