UK weather forecast: ‘Polar maritime air’ to sweep Britain with snow and -10C big freeze

Temperatures will be at 0C across the Northern half of the UK with the south reaching just one degree warmer at 1C tonight. However, a Met Office forecaster has revealed to temperatures could dip as low as -10C in Scotland this week.

Met Office forecaster John Griffiths told “For most area’s, we’ve got a period of rainfall for the rest of the day today and into tomorrow.

“That rain system is going to be with us for a number of days into Monday evening, Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Temperatures will reach 12C on Tuesday in the south, higher than normal for this time of year and 5C in the northern half of the UK.

However, the Met Office has issued yellow and amber weather warnings from Tuesday to Thursday where heavy downpours and some snowmelt across hilly areas are expected.


The warnings, which covers parts of north-west England and large swathes of Wales, says there could be a “danger to life” from possible “fast flowing or deep floodwater”.

Such conditions could bring delays to public transport, damage to buildings or power-cuts and apply from Tuesday to Thursday, the Met Office said.

By Thursday, a new “polar maritime air” system will see minimum temperatures of -1C in the north and 1C in the south.

Mr Griffths continued: “The rain system as it breezes into the colder air could give a period of snow across Scotland and into the far north of England on Wednesday and into Wednesday night.

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“In terms of the south, it will mainly be Thursday night where we could see a flicker of snow or sleet which might come down from the North and into Friday.”

Looking later into the week, Mr Griffths said next weekend was expected to be “wild, wet and windy.”

He continued: “Going into the tail end of January, there could be a cold front coming our way, similar to what we experienced during the Christmas and New Year period.”

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