This Laptop Comes With Its Own 'Cookie Maker' – Viral Post Too Relatable To Miss

This viral Twitter post is too funny to miss.


  • Laptop chargers overheating is a commonly faced problem
  • A Twitter user took a hilarious photograph to demonstrate the heat
  • He baked cookies on top of his laptop charger in viral post

Baking is no less than an art, with a number of people trying their hands at baking delicious goodies. Right from preparing the batter to putting it in the oven – the process is extremely delicate and requires attention to detail. The correct equipment also goes a long way in making the baked goodies tasty and delicious. A Twitter user, however, has discovered an interesting way to bake cookies at home without the use of an oven. Wondering what it is? Take a look and see for yourself:

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We have often seen a number of cooking hacks online which make the process easier. This hilarious post, though, took kitchen hacks to the next level to convey a funny message. In the pictures posted by user @MIA_mea, we could see a ball of cookie dough placed on a laptop charger. In the next photo, the cookie was baked and ready to eat! The epic photos took a dig at how overheated the laptop charger becomes while in use, using cookies to demonstrate the same.

The viral Twitter pictures garnered 397.2k likes and 39.7k retweets since the time it was posted. Several users could relate to the laptop charger getting overheated to such an extent that it would actually be possible to cook food on it. Others also commented that they would try baking cookies this way next time they charged the laptop.

Take a look at some of the reactions:

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