The Witcher’s Henry Cavill refused to leave set of Netflix show for weeks on end as Geralt of Rivia


THE Witcher’s Henry Cavill refused to leave the set of the Netflix show for weeks on end while playing Geralt of Rivia.

The show – which has been dubbed the ‘new Game of Thrones’ – stars Henry Cavill as a supernatural monster hunter.

The Witcher’s Henry Cavill refused to leave the set of the Netflix show for weeks on end while playing Geralt of Rivia

The series is a new TV adaptation of the popular fantasy novel saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski and Henry, 36, immersed himself fully to the mystical world.

Executive producer Tomasz Baginski told about the extent of Henry’s commitment: “In Hungary, he spent weeks sleeping in a trailer right by the set.

“He didn’t go back to the hotel in Budapest which saved him an hour every day, but mostly it meant that during the whole time he was in the Witcher world.

“That doesn’t happen very often. Henry is a working actor, he knows what to do and he delivers fantastic scenes.”

Henry immersed himself in the fantasy world
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Henry Cavill slept in a trailer by the set for weeks at a time
Freya Allan plays Princess Ciri – with the Witcher author saying the series has the potential to be a masterpiece

Meanwhile Original Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski has suggested the Netflix series is a potential “masterpiece”.

He said recently: “Yesterday I witnessed for the first time the screening of the trailer of The Witcher series, together with the fans.

“I didn’t even see the pilot episode because I like being surprised.

“But I can say one thing: if the series will be as beautiful as the trailer, we will have a masterpiece.”

The series debuts on the streaming service on December 20

The trailer certainly promises plenty of fight sequences and tension.

Anya Chalotra’s voiceover says: “I’ve heard tales of your kind Witcher.

“You’re a mutant, created by magic, roaming the continent hunting monsters for a price.”

As she speaks, Henry is seen in action, sword fighting and fighting monsters, before the pair come face to face at what appears to be an orgy.

A masked orgy seems to be taken place in the background of one scene

Wearing a mask, she says sexily: “I thought you’d have fangs or horns or something.”

The Witcher replies dryly: “I had them filed down.”

As more sword fighting is seen, the Witcher is seen having rocks thrown at him by angry villagers before being asked: “People call you a monster too, why not kill them?”

The Witcher replies: “Because then I am what they say.”

The trailer is full of action and anguish
Henry is also seen naked in a bathtub at one point
Henry shows off his sword fighting skills on a number of occasions

In another sexy scene, Henry sits topless in a pool of water as he’s asked: “They say Witchers can’t feel human emotion, what do you feel?”

As another montage of action is seen, he replies in a voiceover: “Evil is evil, lesser, greater, meddling. It’s all the same.”

The Witcher will premiere on Netflix on Friday, December 20.


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