The Walking Dead plummets to all-time ratings low with season 10 premiere as thousands abandon zombie drama


THE Walking Dead’s season 10 premiere may have gone down well with critics, but it pulled in its lowest ratings in the show’s history.

Live viewing figures have been in a state of decline for years, with many favouring streaming services to get their fix of zombie drama.

The Walking Dead returned to screens earlier this week

According to Deadline, just 4 million people tuned in for the opening episode, which aired earlier this week.

The number represents a 3% drop from the number of people who tuned in to watch the show’s previous low – season 9, episode 15’s The Calm Before.

The data indicates that season 10’s debut also saw a decline in key demographics, with the number of adults aged 18-49 dropping 44% compared to the season 9 premiere.

Meanwhile the number of adults aged 25-54 fell by 34%.

The Walking Dead's Father Gabriel
More and more viewers are turning to streaming services for their favourite shows

However, it’s fair to say these stats don’t give a complete view of the show’s reach, as they don’t include the US broadcaster paid subscription model, AMC Premiere.

The service, which costs $5 per month, allows subscribers to watch the channel’s shows without adverts an entire week in advance, meaning most will have already watched the The Walking Dead’s season 10 premiere before general release.

According to reports, AMC Premiere subscriptions boomed in the run up to the launch, so it’s safe to say this probably account for the 3% drop.

What’s more, upcoming episodes will all be available on the service 48 hours early, so the official numbers are unlikely to bounce back anytime soon.

The Whisperers form the main threat of season 10

Given that The Walking Dead has been renewed for season 11, the 2020 spin-off is set for release in the spring and a Rick Grimes movie trilogy is in the words, the franchise clearly isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

Earlier this week, show director Greg Nicotero director revealed Alpha’s revenge plans in the wake of the forest fire.

Meanwhile, producer Angela Kang explained the significance of the falling satellite.

The Walking Dead airs on Mondays at 9pm on FOX in the UK, or can be streamed on NOW TV.


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