The Talk staff believe Sharon Osbourne will ‘rip Sheryl Underwood to shreds’ on Bill Maher as team take her side in feud


The Talk staff believe Sharon Osbourne will ‘rip Sheryl Underwood to shreds’ on Bill Maher as team take her side in feud

THE Talk staff believes Sharon Osbourne will “rip Sheryl Underwood to shreds” during her interview with Bill Maher, as the team takes her side in t

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THE Talk staff believes Sharon Osbourne will “rip Sheryl Underwood to shreds” during her interview with Bill Maher, as the team takes her side in the nasty feud. 

Sharon, 68, is set to appear on Real Time with Bill Maher in her first interview since leaving The Talk after her on-air fight with co-host Sheryl. 


Sharon Osbourne is set to appear on Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss her departure from The Talk[/caption]


Sharon and her co-host Sheryl Underwood feuded over her defense of Piers Morgan[/caption]

On the March 10th episode, Sharon defended her friend Piers Morgan’s criticism of Meghan Markle, as she received backlash for “racially insensitive” comments.

A source exclusively told The Sun that The Talk staff members have taken Sharon’s side in the nasty feud. 

The source said: “The Staff rejoiced when they heard Sharon was booked on Bill Maher because they felt the way Sheryl handled this for her own gain was wrong.

“Everyone is secretly cheering on Mrs. O and hoping she rips apart Sheryl on her Bill Maher interview on Friday. The lie about never receiving an apology doesn’t sit well.


The Talk staff has sided with Sharon in the feud[/caption]

“It could have been worked out but Sheryl seized the incident as an opportunity to be the sole star of the show.”

The source continued: “This show doesn’t have long to live and it’s because of the mess that could have been settled like mature adults. The View has these fights all the time and it’s nothing at all. The staff looks like idiots.”

Staff members allegedly “hate” what the show, which currently features Sheryl, Carrie Ann Inaba, Elaine Welteroth and Amanda Kloots, has become. 

The insider continued: “It used to be fun and be a look at pop culture with laughs. Now there’s nothing funny.”

Staff members allegedly ‘hate’ what the show has become

A source previously told The Sun: “It’s a show called The Talk and the women can’t even do that right. People forget two other shows were taped after the infamous Wednesday episode. 

“If it had been addressed in an on-air conversation instead of Amanda saying ‘we’re all a family and we fight sometimes.’ Sharon would still be on the show and staff jobs would be more secure.”

And viewers of the CBS show agree, as a majority of commenters on The Talk’s Facebook page sided with Sharon. 

One wrote: “NEVER watching this show again. So sick and tired of people not being ‘allowed’ to have their own opinions or express support for a friend. It’s totally out of hand and ridiculous already. ENOUGH!! I hope this show goes right down the tubes!!”


Many viewers have called for Sheryl to leave the show as well[/caption]


Viewers have come to Sharon’s defense[/caption]

A second said: “Sheryl should go too! I watched it that day she kept pushing Sharon she did nothing wrong she even said she did not agree with her friend but I’m sure everyone has a friend they don’t agree with but you don’t get rid of them!”

A third fired: “When you can’t express a different opinion it’s not The TALK!  I may not agree with a friend BUT I will fight for HER right to express her opinion! That is freedom of speech!! This show was great once with diversity and entertainment!”

On the March 10 episode, Sharon addressed her decision to stand by her longtime friend Piers, resulting in a blowout fight with co-host Sheryl. 

Sharon told her co-hosts on the show: “Why is it that because I supported a longtime friend and work colleague for years, people go ‘well you must be racist because he’s racist.’ 


Sharon screamed and cried during the fight, as she felt Sheryl was insinuating she is racist for supporting Piers[/caption]

“No. I support his freedom of speech. I’m not racist and neither is Piers racist. What have I ever said about anybody that’s racist? It’s not within me. It’s not in my soul.”

Sheryl claimed Piers showed “racial implications with the way he spoke about Meghan” the last time he appeared on their talk show.

Sheryl explained: “It’s not the exact words of racism it’s the implication and the reaction to it. To not want to address that because she is a Black woman and to try to dismiss it, that’s what makes it racist.

“But right now I’m talking to a woman that is my friend and I don’t want anybody here to watch this and say we’re attacking you for being racist.”


The show went on a month-long hiatus[/caption]

An emotional Sharon then rolled her eyes before saying: “I think it’s too late. I think that seed’s already sewn.”

The show took a month-long hiatus to conduct an internal review.

CBS then announced Sharon had quit the show in March, as part of the statement read: “Sharon Osbourne has decided to leave The Talk. The events of the March 10 broadcast were upsetting to everyone involved, including the audience watching at home. 

“As part of our review, we concluded that Sharon’s behavior toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode did not align with our values for a respectful workplace. We also did not find any evidence that CBS executives orchestrated the discussion or blindsided any of the hosts.”


The show returned on April 13 with Socio-cultural analyst Dr. Donald E Grant[/caption]

On the April 13 return episode, Socio-cultural analyst Dr. Donald E Grant then joined the women to discuss how they could make the show – and the country – a safe space to discuss race issues without the tension escalating as it did with Sharon.

When Dr. Grant asked Sheryl how she felt coming back for the first time after the show’s hiatus, she told him: “I’m nervous but I’m ready. It’s a safe space right now.”

Dr. Grant applauded Sheryl for her self-control during The Talk with Sharon, as she responded: “I didn’t want to escalate things with Sharon because I thought I was having a conversation with a friend.

“But also I feel I had to be an example for others to follow because I didn’t want to be perceived as the angry Black woman. That really scared me, I didn’t want to be that.


Sheryl said she has ‘PTSD’ from the fight[/caption]

“I wanted to remain calm and focused. I just feel the trauma. I feel fearful and apprehensive.

“It is difficult to go back to that day because I feel the trauma. That really scared me.”

Sheryl further commented that she really wanted to move past the “PTSD” that she suffered from that day.

The comedian also insisted she did not lie about not speaking with Sharon after the incident.

She said: “I have not spoken to and I have no missed phone calls, but I do have text messages sent to me. The reason I have not responded to those messages is because there was an internal investigation happening.”

A source told The Sun following her departure that Sharon “remains livid” and “lost trust in the network.”

Sharon was “utterly bewildered by the way” CBS bosses made it “look like she was racist,” the source said. 


Sharon remains livid with the network[/caption]