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The Masked Singer: Harlequin's identity 'rumbled' as royal family member Fergie

The Masked Singer fans saw Bush Baby, Blob, Harlequin, Viking, and Grandfather Clock perform last night with the latter being unveiled as former England football legend Glen Hoddle. As for the remaining famous faces hiding behind the extravagant costumes, Harlequin caused quite a stir amongst the panel, with Jonathan Ross suggesting The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson had signed up with the ITV singing competition. Here are all the clues for Harlequin… 

In their first performance, Harlequin sand Diamonds by Rhianna and last night, Smile by Nat King Cole was belted out. 

The initial clues for the celebrity posting as the mute character in traditional pantomime were they’re a bit of a clown, and although I’m no fool, you can definitely say that I’m a bit of Jack” and the thought of “walking on stage is quite terrifying” for them. 

Harlequin was then seen reading a newspaper in the clue package and added that they “once played a male lead in a musical”. 

Last night, they added: “My last performance very scary but a lot of fun [and] you’ve got to be quick to catch this Harlequin.” 

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“You [Davina] said JK Rowling I thought that’s a possibility, but she is essentially the richest woman in the world, so it’s unlikely she would be spending her Saturday night in Hemel Hempstead. 

“So I’m going to settle on this, go with me on this one, think about the clues, writing, stories gone all over the world, there’s a series of kids books which came out in the 80s, written by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, it’s Fergie ladies and gentleman!” Jonathan joked. 

It was then time for the ‘two truths and a lie’ segment and Harlequin said: “My bodyguard received a lot of attention…I get up before the sun for work…I once turned down a Prince.” 

From this Jonathan continued: “Someone who famously turned down Prince Charles in the 70s – I know I’m going back a way here – Shelia Ferguson, lead singer of the Three Degrees, turned down Prince Charles.” 

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