Takeaway owner becomes online sensation after scathing responses to bad reviews from ‘lazy’ and ‘idiot’ customers


Takeaway owner becomes online sensation after scathing responses to bad reviews from ‘lazy’ and ‘idiot’ customers

A CHINESE restaurant has become an online sensation with its hilarious put-downs for moaning “lazy” and “idiot” diners. 

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A CHINESE restaurant has become an online sensation with its hilarious put-downs for moaning “lazy” and “idiot” diners. 

Alice Cheung, 50, runs Oriental Express in Leeds – which is a big hit with customers and receives rave reviews on ordering site Just Eat.


Alice Cheung owns the restaurant in Leeds which has gone viral for their hilarious comments to criticism[/caption]


The takeaway said they couldn’t ‘read the minds of the stupid’ in the sharp response[/caption]

But the owners of the eatery don’t mince their words when it comes to tackling the odd bad online criticism.

After one bad complaint, the takeaway responded “we look forward to not serving you again,” as well as calling customers “idiots” and “stupid.”

Mrs Cheung joked about not having a “crystal ball” for delivery times and even invited customers to show her the “right way” to cook meals.

One customer Laura wrote: “The food was terrible, I ordered a chicken dish and got small pieces of battered dry chicken mixed in with battered prawns totally ruined this dish. Good job I’m not allergic to prawns, I won’t be ordering from them again.”

The Oriental Express replied: “Hi Laura, will you please open your eyes and read the descriptions, you ordered the ‘Special sweet and sour’ which contains king prawns.

“You got what you ordered so how is this our fault. The food was fresh and perfectly cooked. We are good but mind reading the stupid is not one of our skills.”

Nathan, another annoyed customer, said: “45 mins late won’t be ordering again.”

He was told: “Hi Nathan, for the one millionth time stop exaggerating, 10 minutes max if it was late and I very much doubt it was.”


The takeaway have hilariously told customers to not call again[/caption]


The sarcasm has left people online in hysterics[/caption]


The straight-talking takeaway boss has gone viral[/caption]


The sassy shop said ‘we look forward to not serving you again’[/caption]

Rachel stormed: “The delivery driver was very rude to the point I shut my front door in his face because he continued to shout at me for not being able to find my address. I probably won’t order again as this has put me off!”

But the eatery explained: “Late deliveries is the 5th most common complaint in the UK, the driver tried to call you 5 times for directions but you refused to answer the phone this resulted in 10 minutes lost time.”

And when another customer called Dan gave a one-star review, the takeaway responded: “What sort of idiot orders “Salt and Pepper Chicken” and then complains it has salt in it.

“Our delivery record shows it was NOT late and it was NOT cold, a fake review and derogatory too.

“Take your foul mouth and business somewhere else.”

Anne complained her food was late and “arrived incorrect.”.

The restaurant countered: “Hi Anne, but you did get the food and we replaced the wrong item, and we did all this when the side roads and your path were full of snow and ice, you could get off the couch and collected the food and then you would have had it in 20 minutes.

“Two and a half hours is an exaggeration. We look forward to not serving you again.”


The takeaway has gone viral online for the sharp responses[/caption]


The Oriental Express has its own cutting way to deal with criticism[/caption]


They told the moaning customer to ‘stop exaggerating’[/caption]

Katy said there were too many noodles in her chow mein and wrote: “Over an hour late, understand it was a busy Saturday night – but just adjust your estimated delivery times then?

“Food was okay, barely any chicken or veg in the chow mein, just a LOT of noodles (expensive noodles!). Prawn toast was a bit bland. Overall the food was okay but extremely expensive for what it was and ultimately not worth the money.”

The restaurant replied: “Hello Katy, we looked into our crystal ball but it gave no indication as to just how many orders the public were going to place on Saturday night between 5 and 9 PM.

“Don’t you just hate it when that happens. I think you need to read the food descriptions, Chow

“Mein is a Noodle based dish, that means the main ingredient is Noodles, if you want lots of meat look at the chicken, beef, pork or duck based dishes we also do vegetarian dishes that are all vegetable based.

“Prawn toast is fried bread with Prawn spread over one face and sesame seed sprinkles, none of these items could be classed as exciting but they make for a very nice starter.

“I am sure if we had delivered with in your time frame our food would have been a lot better.”


The takeaway even asked people complaining to come and show them how to cook[/caption]


The Oriental Express is a hit with locals in Leeds[/caption]