Take note Rejoiners! 'Diehard' Remainer admits ‘we have to make’ Brexit work

Despite the emergence of the rejoin campaign, a Remain MP has declared the UK is now in the delivery phase of Brexit. Although declaring himself a “diehard” Remainer, Stephen Farry, MP for North Down in Northern Ireland’s Alliance Party, said the UK must make Brexit work now. Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Farry said: “As someone who was a diehard Remainer, we’re now in the delivery phase of Brexit.”

His comments come amid calls from certain officials not to give up on reversing Brexit and taking the UK back into the EU.

Labour peer, Lord Andrew Adonis claimed the best position would be for the UK to rejoin the EU, despite a Brexit deal being signed last month.

Labour MP for Canterbury, Rosie Duffield, has also claimed many in the party are desperate to rejoin the bloc.

She also insisted many Shadow Cabinet Ministers voted in favour of the Brexit deal with a heavy heart, but have not given up on their pursuit to cancel Brexit.

While insisting his preference to one day rejoin the EU in some capacity, Mr Farry added the UK must make the best of Brexit.

He added: “For Northern Ireland, we could rejoin.

“We have the route of whether that be a united Ireland, a shared Ireland or the UK having a different relationship with the EU in the future.

“There are choices in that regard.

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This customs border was created in order to stop the creation of a hard border on the island of Ireland.

As a result, Northern Ireland will follow certain single market rules and apply customs checks for goods.

The UK Government has made attempts to iron out these problems with EU officials.

In order to ease the problems to trade, Mr Farry called on the EU and UK to come to a compromise on the issue.

He said: “I think a compromise can be made I think so, in the sense that both the UK and EU are the co-guarantors of the withdrawal agreement and Northern Ireland protocol.

“When the UK left the single market and customs union, there was also going to be a border line somewhere.

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