In Pictures: Tunisian troops quell unrest with force

Hundreds of youths have clashed with police in cities across Tunisia, throwing stones and petrol bombs in the capital as security forces fired tear gas and water cannon to try to quell the unrest. Rioting and protests have followed the 10th anniversary

Tunisia deploys army to help quell days-long unrest

Security forces’ deployment comes after mass arrests and days of violent protests by youth in various cities across the country. Tunisia has deployed military units to help quell days-long social unrest that saw violent protests by young people in various cities, as

After unrest, Kyrgyzstan heads to presidential vote

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – The freezing, snowy streets of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital, bear few traces of the events that shook the nation last October, when mass protests led to the annulment of disputed parliamentary elections. But over the past four months, the Central

Capitol Hill violence sparks unrest outside Trump properties

Violence and unrest erupted outside Trump-affiliated buildings across the country following hours of mayhem on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., according to reports and posts shared on social media. Within hours of the U.S. Capitol being secured from a mob of pro-Trump supporters, demonstrators took

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