Several people killed in attack on Turkish company in Somalia

Al-Shabab claims responsibility for the blast near Somali capital Mogadishu that killed at least five people and injured 14. A suicide bombing near the Somali capital of Mogadishu killed at least five people including two Turks, the Turkish health minister said. Abdiasis

Turkish police arrest suspect in killing of female academic

People express shock and anger over the killing of academic in Istanbul amid rising violence against women in the country. Police in Turkey have arrested a suspect in the killing of a female academic in the country’s largest city, Istanbul, as people

Libya’s east-based forces release Turkish vessel

The seizure of the Turkish ship threatened to escalate tensions in the conflict-stricken North African country. Forces loyal to a renegade Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar said on Thursday they released a Turkish-owned vessel seized last week. The seizure of the Turkish

EU summit: Turkish sanctions on agenda as Erdogan shrugs threats

European leaders are meeting in Brussels to discuss possible action against Ankara over the eastern Mediterranean crisis, coronavirus, Brexit and budget. Concerned that their credibility is at stake, European Union leaders are set to consider on Thursday expanding sanctions against Turkey over