Tunisia: Rights groups say 1,000 arrested in protests

Activists say many arrests made ‘arbitrary’ including of people who were taken from inside their homes. Tunisian security forces have arrested at least 1,000 people during six nights of protests, human rights and other non-government groups said. The North African country, where

Tunisians rally to demand release of detained protesters

Daytime protests in recent days have been followed by nighttime violence, with COVID-19 restrictions compounding a wider economic malaise. Tunisians are protesting the detention of hundreds of young demonstrators arrested over several nights of disturbances, demanding their release and venting their anger

Tunisia’s burgeoning youth-led protests in 700 words

A growing groundswell of youth unrest, tapping into a well of economic frustration, is sweeping Tunisia and worrying its leadership all the way to the top. It is, after all, the country that triggered the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions. A third of

Tunisian youth vow to continue protests amid economic woes

Protesters and security forces clash in several cities as President Kais Saied, PM Hichem Mechichi urge restraint. Tunisian protesters have clashed with police for the fifth night in several cities, including the capital Tunis and Sidi Bouzid, cradle of the Arab Spring

In Pictures: Tunisian troops quell unrest with force

Hundreds of youths have clashed with police in cities across Tunisia, throwing stones and petrol bombs in the capital as security forces fired tear gas and water cannon to try to quell the unrest. Rioting and protests have followed the 10th anniversary

Tunisia President Saied urges protester restraint on 4th day

Tunisian leader tells protesters in Tunis suburb to not let looters exploit their ‘poverty and misery’. Demonstrators in Tunisia protested for the fourth-consecutive day against the worsening social and economic crisis in the country as the president showed up at one rally

Tunisia deploys army to help quell days-long unrest

Security forces’ deployment comes after mass arrests and days of violent protests by youth in various cities across the country. Tunisia has deployed military units to help quell days-long social unrest that saw violent protests by young people in various cities, as

Tunisia arrests dozens as protests break out for second night

Tunisian authorities say they arrested at least 240 youths as violent clashes between police and protesters broke out. Riots and violent clashes between Tunisian police and protesters broke out on Sunday in the capital Tunis and several other cities for the second

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