How does NORAD track Santa on Christmas Eve?

Really, you can’t take anything for granted about a centuries-old elf who relies on a magical sleigh to deliver presents to the 7.8 billion residents of an entire planet in a single night. Except this: The normal laws of plane, train and

Satellite data used to track forced labour on fishing vessels

Fishing vessels with crews of forced labourers behave in systematically different ways to the rest of the global fleet, according to a new study that used satellite data, machine learning and the on-the-ground expertise of human rights practitioners to identify such vessels.

PM Orban quits but Romania still on track for centre-right gov’t

Liberal prime minister resigns after disappointing showing for his party, which is however poised to lead the next governing coalition. Romania’s centre-right prime minister has resigned after a general election in which voters delivered nominal victory to the left-leaning opposition party. With