In parting shot, Trump halts supplies to China’s Huawei: Report

The Trump administration notified Huawei suppliers, including United States-based chipmaker Intel, that it is revoking certain licences to sell to the Chinese company and intends to reject dozens of other applications to supply the telecommunications firm, people familiar with the matter told

Double U-turn? US exchange may yet delist China telecoms firms

New York Stock Exchange had been planning to reverse its decision to delist three Chinese telecoms firms. The New York Stock Exchange is considering proceeding in delisting three major Chinese telecommunications firms after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin criticized its shock decision to

US to earmark $1.9bn to replace Huawei, ZTE telecoms gear: Report

The $900bn virus relief bill reportedly includes funds to replace telecommunications network equipment that the US says poses a national security risk. US policymakers will back a $1.9bn programme to remove telecommunications network equipment that the US government says could threaten national