Palestinian prisoner dies in Israeli jail of unknown causes

Palestinian advocacy group says Maher Saasa received a COVID-19 vaccine one day before his death but the cause of death is still unknown. A Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail has died in unclear circumstances, according to two Palestinian prisoners’ advocacy groups.

Alexey Navalny timeline: From poisoning to prison

Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny was taken into custody in Russia on Monday for 30 days pending further court hearings. He was arrested the night before at a Moscow airport, having returned after spending several months in Germany recovering from an alleged poisoning

Navalny faces arrest on return, Russian prison service warns

FSIN says it is ‘obliged’ to detain Kremlin critic because he broke terms of a previous suspended sentence. Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny faces immediate arrest once he returns to Russia, the country’s prison service has warned, claiming it was “obliged” to detain

Al-Qahtani must be released and Guantanamo closed

As law students working on Mohammed al-Qahtani’s case, we know his release is a question of humanity, not opinion. “We tortured Qahtani.” As law students working on Mohammed al-Qahtani’s case, it remains shocking to us that more than 10 years after this

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