Sudan says Ethiopian military plane crossed its border

Ethiopia denies Sudan’s claim, which it said was a ‘dangerous escalation’ in the border dispute between both sides. Sudan says an Ethiopian military aircraft entered its airspace in “a dangerous escalation” to a border dispute that has seen deadly clashes in recent

Divers recover ‘black box’ from crashed Indonesia plane

Flight data recorder could explain why the 737-500 aircraft nosedived into the sea after takeoff. A black box from the crashed Indonesian passenger jet was recovered on Tuesday, days after the plane with 62 people aboard slammed into the sea. “The FDR

Body parts, debris found at Indonesian plane crash site

Indonesian rescuers pulled out body parts, pieces of clothing and scraps of metal from the Java Sea early on Sunday morning, a day after a Boeing 737-500 with 62 people onboard crashed shortly after takeoff from Jakarta, officials said. Officials were hopeful

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