In Pictures: Madrid shovels out of record blizzard

Armed with picks and shovels, Madrid residents slowly shovelled out of Spain’s worst blizzard in decades that turned roads and pavements into skating rinks. Officials asked people to stay at home if possible after Storm Filomena dumped 20-30 centimetres (seven-eight inches) of

In Pictures: Illegal sand mining threatens Bangladesh farmland

Rapid urbanisation is driving up demand for sand in Bangladesh, leading to uncontrolled and mostly illegal extraction of sandstone and rocks from the riverbeds. The hunger for sand is threatening the flood embankments around the Jamuna river and putting farmland at risk

In Pictures: Thousands stranded in Spain’s record snowstorm

A persistent blizzard has blanketed large parts of Spain with 50-year record levels of snow, halting traffic and leaving thousands trapped in cars or train stations and airports. In Madrid, authorities activated a red alert for the first time since the system

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