Tunisia arrests dozens as protests break out for second night

Tunisian authorities say they arrested at least 240 youths as violent clashes between police and protesters broke out. Riots and violent clashes between Tunisian police and protesters broke out on Sunday in the capital Tunis and several other cities for the second

Policeman killed, dozens injured in southern Iraq clashes

Deadly violence erupts in Haboubi Square in southern Nasiriya city that began over the arrest of activists in Dhi Qar province. A policeman has been killed and dozens of people injured in clashes between security forces and anti-government protesters in southern Iraq.

Dozens arrested in sweeping Hong Kong crackdown

BREAKING Politicians and activists detained in early morning sweep in biggest crackdown yet under national security law. Dozens of Hong Kong opposition politicians and activists were arrested on Wednesday morning under the territory’s national security law, according to political parties and a

Dozens shot in Chicago, 5 murdered over holiday weekend

At least 20 people were shot and two people were murdered during Chicago’s first weekend of 2021, as the police department, its superintendent and former brass reflect on a violent, tumultuous year in policing in the Illinois city and across America. There

Dozens of civilians killed in Niger gun attacks

Interior Minister Alkache Alhada says the attack took place in the villages of Tchombangou and Zaroumdareye, near the border with Mali. Gunmen have killed dozens of civilians and wounded several more in attacks on two villages in western Niger, near the border

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