US Black man who spent 26 years on death row freed

Eddie Lee Howard was convicted of killing a white woman in 1994 but murder charges dropped due to discredited testimony. A Mississippi judge has dismissed a murder charge against a Black man who spent more than a quarter-century on death row in the

Divers recover ‘black box’ from crashed Indonesia plane

Flight data recorder could explain why the 737-500 aircraft nosedived into the sea after takeoff. A black box from the crashed Indonesian passenger jet was recovered on Tuesday, days after the plane with 62 people aboard slammed into the sea. “The FDR

Algeria’s ex-PM admits selling gold bars on black market

Ahmed Ouyahia tells state prosecutors he sold 60 gold bars received as gifts from Gulf donors. Former Algerian premier Ahmed Ouyahia, on trial for corruption, has admitted receiving gold bars from Gulf donors then selling them on the black market, the official