Sturgeon 'playing politics' with Covid after squandering £1BN in brazen independence bid

The SNP has been confronted over its spending during the coronavirus outbreak in Scotland. Dan Vevers, a political reporter at The Scottish Sun, asked Deputy First Minister John Swinney about how this may relate to the party’s bid for independence. During Scotland’s Covid daily briefing, he brought up accusations of the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon potentially “playing politics with the pandemic”.

He asked: “Up to £1billion of the £8.2billion the Scottish Government has received from the UK Government could be unspent, according to the latest research.

“Were you saving this money to make the announcements at the SNP conference?

“The First Minister insisted independence was needed for the recovery, and the SNP have picked a fight with the UK Government over the £500 bonus.

“Does this all show that you’re now playing politics with the pandemic?”

More to follow…

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