"Spoilt Thoroughly": Mira Kapoor Catches Up With Neelima Azeem Over Chai

Chai” title=””Spoilt Thoroughly”: Mira Kapoor Catches Up With Mother-In-Law Neelima Azeem Over


  • Mira Kapoor married actor Shahid Kapoor in the year 2015
  • Mira Kapoor recently came back to Mumbai
  • Mira Kapoor caught up with mother-in-law in Mumbai

Mira Kapoor, who came back to Mumbai recently, is in a mood to catch up with all the things that she missed out on this while. For the uninitiated, Mira Kapoor along with her family moved to Delhi for a brief while during the lockdown. Soon upon her arrival in Mumbai, the 26-year-old ordered in from one of her favourite restaurants, Bastian, followed by a sumptuous Asian meal by Yautcha the day after. On Wednesday, afternoon she also met her mother-in-law Neelima Azeem over tea. Mira Kapoor posted a picture of her empty plate on her Instagram story with the caption, “Spoilt thoroughly with chai, yummy pakora and lots of catching up @neliimaazim”. 

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In her ‘Koffee With Karan’ episode that aired in 2017, Mira revealed that she is very close to her in-laws. In December this year, Mira also wished her mother-in-law on Instagram with an emotional birthday post. “Stay happy, keep dancing through life and may your storytelling never tire”, she wrote in her post.



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If you have been following Mira Kapoor on Instagram, you may have figured by now that Mira is a hard-core foodie and loves to eat all things local, seasonal and clean. She is also an amazing cook herself, and has often curated many delish spreads from scratch. In addition to that, Mira also happens to have a special soft-corner for tea. Sometime back she gave a shout-out to lopchu, a variant of tea that is grown in Darjeeling.

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