Size 18 model tests affordable plus-size workout gear from the high street

Size 18 model tests affordable plus-size workout gear from the high street

IF there is anything that can tempt us into a gym, it is stylish workout gear.

If you are on a fitness focus, look no further than the high street.

Shareefa is a size 18 model from Shepherd’s Bush who completed the 10k Vitality London race in May

Brands have cottoned on to the need for accessible gym gear for all sizes so you can feel your best when exercising. But how do kits for fuller figures compare?

Shareefa Junior, from Shepherd’s Bush in West London, is a size 18. The model runs 5K twice a week, and did the 10K Vitality London race in May.

We asked her to test the best affordable sets from specialist sports brands and high street stores by jogging for a minute. She tells Sarah Harrison her verdicts.

David Cummings – The Sun

This pink ensemble is comfortable and will keep you cool while exercising this summer[/caption]

  • Pink top, £16, leggings, £22 – Asos Curve (available in sizes 18-30)
  • Trainers, £130 – Nike

VERDICT: I really enjoy what Asos Curve has done with the fit and cut of these. The leggings are comfortable and the top is midway between a sports bra and full vest – which will keep you cool.

The colour’s great – brands often shy away from bright colours in curve-size clothing, so it’s exciting to see such a vibrant hue here.

I don’t know if I’d be bold enough to wear this but it’s a memorable look.

Score: 7.5/10

This versatile two piece is really flattering with a floral summer print
David Cummings – The Sun

This versatile two piece is really flattering with a floral summer print[/caption]

  • Black and pink floral sports bra, £25
  • Leggings, £22.50
  • Trainers, £25 – all M&S main collection (available in sizes six to 28)

VERDICT: I love the print. It’s not too loud, which means it’s versatile. I’m usually worried about capri-length leggings, as they don’t look good on my figure.

But this pair is really flattering. I’m so impressed with how supportive the sports bra is and it’s easy to put on with the zip on the front.

Score: 7.5/10

David Cummings – The Sun

Shareefa’s favourite look is this flattering fitness kit with a bright pop of colour[/caption]

  • Black sports bra, £23
  • Grey leggings, £45
  • Peach hooded top (worn around waist), £43 – all Reebok main collection (available in sizes four to 26)
  • Trainers, £19.99 – New Look

VERDICT: I absolutely love this look. It’s my favourite. The cut of the pieces is flattering and the pop of colour on the hoodie and leggings looks good. I could definitely go running in this.

The bra is supportive and the leggings fit perfectly. I don’t want to take it off.

Score: 10/10 – THE WINNER.

David Cummings – The Sun

This look is loud and proud and makes you feel as good as you look[/caption]

  • Blue star sports bra, £38
  • Leggings, £60 – both Adidas main collection (available in sizes four to 26)
  • Trainers, £10 – Primark

VERDICT: This look is so fun. I love the wide waistband and how it accentuates my waist. I’d probably have to go down a size but the fit is flattering. I can move really well in this.

The fabric feels like a second skin, which is amazing. I’d like to do a spin class in this or run 5km. I love the bright colours. It makes you feel good when you look good.

Score: 8.5/10

David Cummings – The Sun

This bra is super supportive and ensures a good airflow while exercising[/caption]

  • Hat, £2.50
  • Bra, £5
  • Top, £5
  • Leggings, £10
  • Trainers, £10 – all Primark main collection (available in sizes four to 22)

VERDICT: I’m impressed how supportive this bra is, especially for the price. It’s good to layer a breathable top over it to ensure a good airflow while exercising.

I’m not too impressed with the leggings. They are cosy and sit well at my waist but I’d worry they’d fall down.

I love the hat. It’s important to have protection from the summer sun

Score: 6/10

David Cummings – The Sun

This look wasn’t a hit with Shareefa as it was not comfortable enough[/caption]

  • Orange sports bra, £27
  • Top, £42.95
  • Shorts, £39.95
  • Trainers, £130 – all Nike main collection (available in sizes four to 22, Nike Plus in sizes 22 to 32)

VERDICT: There just isn’t enough material here. The top layer of the shorts is too tight. It’s unflattering and rolled up as I jogged.

I can’t imagine how uncomfortable they would be running for longer. I love the colour but this set isn’t for me.

Score: 3/10 – THE LOSER


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