Shocking footage reveals why you should never rest your feet on the dashboard as a front seat passenger


A DISTRESSING video has shown the dangers of leaving your feet on the dashboard.

And the footage has prompted safety experts to call on passengers to sit correctly when riding in the front seat to avoid serious injury.

The video shows how much power an airbag explodes with during an accident.
Fire and Rescue NSW Station 068 Narrabeen

Posted by Narrabeen Fire and Rescue in Australia, the video shows the passenger airbag being manually deployed while the car is stationary.

The sheer force from the exploding airbag completely shatters the car’s windscreen, highlighting the damage it could cause to a passenger if they had their feet resting on the dashboard.

The footage comes after a woman who broke every bone in her face during a horror crash while her feet were on the dashboard pleaded with others not to make the same mistake as her.

Grainne Kealy, 22 at the time, suffered horrific injuries when her knees slammed into her face at 120mph when her boyfriend’s Jeep hit a wall, causing the airbag under her feet to inflate.

Grainne Kealey was left without a forehead after having her feet on the dashboard during an accident.

The now 35-year-old was left without a forehead for two years after doctors were forced to remove it.

She also suffered multiple facial fractures and a fluid leak from her brain.

After the crash, she said: “I had nothing in place of my forehead. My head sunk in and I looked a ­little strange.

“I had decided along the way that I would be more comfortable if my feet were on the dashboard.

“By doing this my feet were placed directly on top of the airbag without realising.

“When the Jeep collided with the wall the airbags inflated as they do but because my feet were on top of mine it actually pushed my feet, knees first into my face.”

Many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, have posted photos of their feet on the dashboard
Social Media

Grainne is now pleading for passengers to sit correctly in the car, after seeing celebrities post photos of their feet on the dashboard.

Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez were two well known individuals posting images to Snapchat of their feet on the dashboard.

It’s feared their followers may be encouraged to copy the behaviour.

Grainne Kelly warned against copying celebrities who post photos of their feet on the dashboard
Social Media

Grainne wrote on Facebook: “[These] people… do not realise that they are sending out the WRONG message by putting their feet on the dashboard.”

“If only they knew how dangerous it is.

“To say this breaks my heart would be an understatement. I feel helpless looking at these photos.”


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