Sebastian Vettel's Lewis Hamilton admission should be clear warning to Mercedes star

The expectation is that a deal will be completed, as Croft highlights, and Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has expressed his confidence that the open communication between the two parties will serve everyone well.

But while discussions continued through the end of last season and now into the new year, the F1 driver carousel conducted its annual spinning routine, so much so that every seat is now taken bar the one next to Valtteri Bottas.

For Hamilton, it is Mercedes or bust, and as Vettel highlights, he would be leaving more than just money on the table.

Speaking in reflection of his and Ferrari’s underwhelming season, Vettel said: “We were up against a very strong team/driver combination, one of the strongest we’ve seen so far, but our goal was to be stronger than that and in this regard, we failed.

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