Russia’s terrifying drone armed with a SHOTGUN that can shoot down small aircraft

Russia’s terrifying drone armed with a SHOTGUN that can shoot down small aircraft

TERRIFYING footage shows Russia’s new shotgun-wielding drone in action as it blasts a balloon and remote-controlled plane from the sky.

In the video, the unnamed device is seen taking off and landing on a tail-sitting position while displaying the power of its 12-gauge shotgun barrel.

The unnamed drone has a shotgun capable of shooting down a small plane

A Russian defence contractor has received a patent for the drone by Almaz Antey, according to Foxtrot Alpha, a modern defence news site.

The state-owned arms company has previously built some of the country’s most powerful missiles, reports MailOnline.

Its drone’s power is seen as it guns down the two targets targets in a red balloon and a small aircraft.


Almaz Antey is responsible for some of Moscow’s most advanced weapons, including 40N6 missiles for the S-400 “Triumf” long range surface-to-air missile system, one of the most advanced missile systems in the world, according to Foxtrot Alpha.

The drone has a flight time of 40 minutes and is controlled by an operator wearing a visor who aims the shotgun through a live video link and sighting system, the website claims.

It’s understood work started on the drone in 2016 and was carried out by students on behalf of Almaz Antey at the Moscow Aviation Institute.

The video is a demonstration and was captioned as an “experimental prototype”.

It is unclear what the drone’s purpose is.

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This image captures the moment the drone shoots the balloon – debris can be seen falling from the sky
This is the moment the drone shoots down the plane (below)
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