Royal revelation: Expert reveals how Meghan Markle will find royal life tougher than Diana

Royal revelation: Expert reveals how Meghan Markle will find royal life tougher than Diana

Former ITV royal editor Tim Ewart believes that the limelight and social change since Princess Diana’s death has led to a more difficult life for Meghan. Since she and Prince Harry announced their relationship, the world has been awash with stories, thrusting the former Suits star well and truly into the public eye. But speaking on Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box’, Mr Ewart claims that with the introduction to smart and camera phones, Meghan’s every move is now under even more intense scrutiny.

He told the show: “When it was Diana, there were photographers, there were camera men, people weren’t using smart phones.

“Now every single person that a member of the Royal Family meets has a smart phone up.

“Every single word that is said, doesn’t matter where the TV cameras are, doesn’t matter where the snappers, the photographers, they can be anywhere. But every single person has got their phone up or their iPad up, nothing is private anymore.”

And he added: “I know very little about Meghan Markle’s early life as an actress, she was a well-known actress but she wasn’t hunted by the paparazzi.

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“Suddenly to come into this cauldron, into this Royal Family is beyond anything that she could ever have expected and it will be very, very difficult for Harry, as it was with William with Kate, to explain just how intense that is. How every single every expression, movement, comment – bang.

“That’s going to be on the front page.”

Mr Ewart believes more needed to be done to support Meghan before she entered the royal family.

Previously experts have claimed that Harry had initially tried to keep Meghan out of the limelight.

He didn’t want her to be scared of the publicity the relationship would attract.

Meghan and Harry married in a lavish ceremony last year.

Since then they have welcomed their first son Archie into the world.

He shares his birthday with family friend and iconic actor George Clooney.

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