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Rest 2: How to get angst

Anguish is a gun inside Resto 2 is The Awakened King DLC ​​and is the most complicated expansion item to unlock. In fact, there are many steps to take along the path to obtaining this weapon, although none of them are extremely difficult to complete. This guide is here to provide all the details about these steps and will help players get their hands on Anguish in Remnant 2.



Of note, players who die after completing the Second Step detailed below will lose all progress made towards obtaining the Anguish pistol. Therefore, fans who are looking for this weapon are highly recommended to play Remnant 2 on the easiest difficulty level to minimize the chances of dying and being forced to start from scratch.

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Rest 2: Guide to the weapons of anguish

1. Start a new campaign

After installing Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC, players should pull up a new campaign and play it until they reach Root Earth . Players should then traverse the first section of Root Earth, stopping when they activate the checkpoint just beyond the combat encounter in the rail yard.

2. Ethereal Manor Event (Losomn)

Players should now roll Losomn in Adventure Mode until they spawn a world with Remnant 2’s Ethereal Manor Event . This event can apparently appear in any of the Lost Dungeons that are on fire and fans should look for a large stone building beyond an open gate in the butcher’s quarters, the cotton kiln, the Lenmark district, and the sunken hangout. Players will find an NPC sitting inside that building, and should approach him to be sent to the Ethereal Manor.

After reaching the Ethereal Manor, players should use the Liquid Escape Consumable in their inventory to travel to the Hallowed Throne . Fans should then use the Hallowed Thrones checkpoint to travel to Ward 13 .

As previously noted, players will lose their progress if they die after this point.

3. Talk to the Dran in Ward 13

Players should now head to the location in Ward 13 marked on the map above. Here, fans will find Dran standing next to a flaming barrel and should interact with that NPC.

4. Talk to the Dran in The Red Throne (Yaesha)

The remaining 2 players should now roll Yaesha in Adventure mode until it generates a world starting with the Red Throne map. After loading onto that map, fans should advance into the courtyard where the path splits, follow the path to the right , and talk to the Dran in the room at the end of the path.

5. Talk to the Dran in The Labyrinth (Campaign)

Players should now return to their campaign and head towards the Fractured Entrance Checkpoint within the Labyrinth . Fans should then use the nearby stairs to climb above the large portal and talk to the Dran they encounter.

6. Talk to Dran in the Forgotten Prison (N’Erud)

The next step is to roll N’Erud into Adventure Mod and until a world starting with the Forgotten Prison the map is generated. Players must then relive Tal Ratha’s story from Remnant 2 and speak to the Dran near the checkpoint immediately preceding the boss fight ( Tal Ratha’s Lair ).

7. Talk to Dran in Ashen Wasteland (Root Earth)

It’s time to return him to the countryside once again, and players should head to the checkpoint they triggered Root Land at the end of Step 1 . Dran is near the fence near that checkpoint, and the fans should talk to him.

8. Talk to Dran in the Tormented Asylum (Losomn)

Players should now roll Losomn in Adventure mode until they generate a world that starts with the Parish of Tomorrow map. Fans must then work through Nightweaver’s story from Remnant 2 to reach the Tormented Asylum . Immediately after entering that map, players should turn right check the alcove to their right and talk to the Dran they find there.

9. Use Dran’s dream

The final conversation with the Dran will yield the Dran’s Dream consumable item and players should use it to be transported to an area where they can collect it Occult Vessel l. This material can then be brought to McCabe in Ward 13 and that NPC is able to transform the Jar of the Occult into the Weapon of Anguish in Remnant 2.

Resto 2 is now available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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