Rebecca Adlington addresses moment with Queen at Buckingham Palace: 'Why am I here?' 

“It’s one of those things where as a parent you search far and wide to find stuff that is educational and also really good fun for your kids.

“Especially in lockdown, we were desperate as parents, all scrambling for stuff to do with the kids. I didn’t want my daughter to just sit in front of the TV.

“I wanted to get her out doing educational stuff, especially for Summer, it was really not about homeschooling as she’s only five. So for me, it was really important that she found stuff that was really engaging.”

Rebecca Adlington is working with Sainsbury’s and the LEGO Group to celebrate LEGO® Collectable Cards and Album. Available until 27th October, the cards and album are an educational tool for creative play that introduce children to global cuisine. To find out more information, head to Sainsbury’s.

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