Rangers fans taunt Charlton boss Lee Bowyer after Joe Aribo scores against Brazil


Rangers fans couldn’t help but poke fun at Charlton boss Lee Bowyer after their midfielder was on target against Brazil.

The 23-year-old made the £300,000 switch to Glasgow from south London this summer and has been impressing while on international duty.

Bowyer was critical of Aribo’s decision to move north of the border, claiming that he’d made the wrong choice for his career.

Rangers fans were quick to target the 42-year-old after the club’s Twitter account posted a video of the goal against Neymar and co.

“Great time to remind everyone of Lee bowyers comment,” one fan responded.

A second added: “Lee Bowyer right now,” accompanied with a GIF of a man crying.

A third said: “Lee bowyer watching?”

“What was it Lee Bowyer said about Aribo again? He’s just scored against Brazil,” a fourth user wrote.

Bowyer sat down with Aribo upon being appointed the permanent boss of Charlton to discuss his future.

He later revealed his frustration that the 23-year-old wanted to leave for Rangers.

“I worked so hard to get him to this situation he is in now,” told the South London Press in June.

“It is about progression for him. So it’s a shame if he gets pushed to somewhere where it is not going to benefit him in his football career.

“If he goes to Rangers that is not the right place for him to go for his football career.

“You have got Rangers and Celtic who are massive clubs, I get that. And I get that Steven Gerrard was a great player, so that’s an attraction. Those two things are the attraction – but not everything else.

“It doesn’t make sense on the football side. When people from England go and play for Celtic and Rangers it is at the end of their careers. That’s because it is very rare you get a move from Rangers to the Premier League, and I don’t mean any disrespect by that.

“They might go from Rangers to the Championship, very rarely is it to the Premier League. For me he should stay in England and keep progressing. The move should benefit Joe.”


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