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Queen of the South season 5 theories: Teresa is actually dead as fans spot major clue

A debate surrounding the fate of queenpin Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga) has once again gripped Queen of the South’s loyal legion of fans. The series is hoped to make its return in the States this year on the USA Network, and Netflix in other territories, and could finally explain the ambiguous flash forward which kicked off the very first episode. 

Viewers are convinced we’ll finally get an explanation for Teresa Mendoza’s apparent death scene which precedes the first episode of Queen of the South.

Although it’s not yet confirmed to be returning for a sixth season, fans are concerned the confirmed fifth instalment could end with the drug mogul’s tragic demise. 

Throughout the series, Teresa communicates with her alter-ego, an idealised version of her future successful self, the titular Queen of the South.

However, the first season also seems to confirm the rich and powerful drug dealer will eventually meet an unfortunate end at the hands of an unknown rival. 

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One fan brought up the mysterious flash forward when they spoke about their new perspective on the series from rewatching earlier episodes in a recent Reddit thread.

User PrivateSpeaker posted: “I started watching the show again, and I totally forgot that in the first scene we see Teresa do coke and then get shot in the abdomen.

“Do we think she dies there and the series is her life running before her eyes in those last moments?”

Teresa starts off the series by narrating her successes in life, before cutting back to her early days as a runner for Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcón).

In season four, fans saw the sudden return of old friend James Valdez (Peter Gadiot) after his absence from the end of season three. 

Teresa and James’ reunion is speculated to lead to Camila Vargas’ return to the series, meaning the formidable cartel leader could be the one to take out the Queen of the South.

She’ll also be facing off against Judge Lafayette (David Andrews) once more in the new outing, though one fan had an even more unexpected theory for the identity of Teresa’s murderer.

They speculated: “They have other snipers in the cartel world, I’m sure, but none like James.”

“He was in a highly decorated ranking of the army. Teresa is hard to kill. I really believe he would be the only one smart enough to do it.

“How startling would it be if they gave away the answers from the very beginning but no one noticed?”

Although many fans are hoping for the pair to get together in what could be Queen of the South’s fifth and final season, there’s always a chance the series will opt for a tragic twist and force James to kill the love of his life.

Queen of the South season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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