Pretty girls pull ‘ugly’ faces in bizarre new photo trend – and some look unrecognisable


WITH the help aid of filters, lighting and angles it’s never been easier to capture the perfect selfie.

But as anyone who has ever accidentally opened their front camera will know, it can be equally easy to capture a hideous one as these ladies prove.


You would be forgiven for thinking that these two snaps were two different women
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A hilarious new trend has seen young women sharing their prettiest selfies next to their very ‘ugliest’.

Showcasing double chins, bucked teeth and without a scrap of makeup you would be forgiven for thinking these weren’t the same women.

Meanwhile others have been caught off-guard in candid shots that are unlikely to make the gram.

From very bad camera angles to unflattering poses, these snaps prove that looks can be VERY deceiving.


Thanks to the unflattering angle and bizarre pose, this woman is barely recognisable
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All about the angles

And this angle is anything but flattering
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Hair’s looking at you

This girl has managed to alter her entire face shape in one single pose
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Mouthing off

A guaranteed way to take an ‘ugly’ selfie? Add a mouth guard
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The contrast between the perfectly posed garden snap and the double chin selfie is astonishing
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The pose, wet hair and lack of slap contributes to the perfect ‘ugly selfie’
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Someone to look up to

Here a teen demonstrates the importance of camera angles
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Pearly whites

This woman demonstrates exactly how not to smile with your teeth
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A real snack

Pringles are not a girl’s best friend when it comes to perfecting a pose
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While impressive, this woman’s hair style does little to flatter her
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Au naturale

This woman proves that she can take an impressively bad photo
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All about that face

The choice in glasses and pose make this woman’s transformation one of the most dramatic
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Poolside glamour

One of these photos is sure to make the grid – the other possibly not
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Eyes on

This woman makes a rather convincing thumb in her second photo
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Candid cutie

Someone captured this lady enjoying her snack a little too much
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